Friday, February 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution

eh - for the next 11 months anyway.

I'm a bit late starting this year.  I've had my break from my reality - a wonderful break filled with family, chaos, emotions, food, activities and general awesomeness...

And now it's time to head back to my reality.

And, while my reality is also filled with family, chaos, emotions, food, activities and awesomeness, it is also filled with personal goals and achievements driven by my obsessive, addictive and anal personality (yes, my poor, poor family).

I have my personal goals - like always having a visitor-ready home in the most efficient, stress-free manner.  Or making wonderful homemade food at home, including snacks.  Or not having more than 2 notebooks happening at any one time.

I have my financial goals - like sticking to my budget and finding new money-saving ways.  Or like saving for a holiday.

And I have, more relevantly to this blog, my Creative Commitments for this year.  And these are ... (insert trumpet sounds here.  Oops - hold on.  Where's that damn notebook I had written my goals in?  No, not that one.  I think it was the one with the blue cover.  Oh - here it is.  Ok, maybe it wasn't that one.  Anyone seen the one with the purple cover?  Alright, here we go...)

- 4 knitting projects per year
- 2 sewing projects per month
- 1 new recipe every two months
- 1 blog post per week
- 4 of my own creations per year

*deep breath out*  And so that is it.  I've made the commitment and it's written in stone, or in blogsphere.

Did you think I was joking about the notebooks?

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  1. I love the photo show!! So many happy memories...