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Where to start

My Journey
It’s been a difficult year for me.By all appearances, this year should not have been so difficult.I should have been able handle the curve balls that life had thrown my way.I mean, I did handle them, but I should have handled them with less angst and more determination, more fortitude, more me.
But I was off.Something in me was off.When I find that I cannot manage various circumstances that I find myself in without feeling overwhelmed and victimized, then I know that the problem is with me and not the circumstances.
And so, I’ve been searching.What is wrong?What is wrong with me?Why can I not manage myself the way that I used to, regardless of what comes my way.I felt lost.I had lost something.I had lost faith in myself.
Now we’re getting somewhere.So, I lost faith in myself.How did that happen and why?How do I get it back?
I looked around…I love my husband; I love my kids; I love my family.My life is fine – there are bits that I’m working on and there are bits that I love.So, w…