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Happy Birthday Little Miss M

My gorgeous Little Miss M is another year older.  Happy birthday my little one!  And I am another year into this whole parenting thing.  Sometimes I wonder if I am regressing; sometimes I look at Little Miss M and wonder how awesome she is (yes awesome) despite having a drama for a mama; sometimes I wonder who is more mature.  But I am always captivated by Little Miss M's gorgeous smile, always so full of joy.  These little ones sure can teach us how to enjoy life!

So with limited energy but lots of love; and a non-operational oven - here's our creative birthday celebrations (yep - Little Miss M had 4 mini birthday parties!).

Please enjoy this snippet in our life!

Just another bored mommy blogger...

I was researching a book where it's origins was a blog that had become popular.  This seems to be a common path these days amongst the blogs that specifically focus on a certain topic.

I was reading the review of a book where it's origins had been an-obscure-blog-turned-popular and came across a scathing remark.  It was along the lines of ... another book and another blog from another bored mommy blogger.  And I thought - geez, that's me.  I might not have a book out (yet! :) hahaha) but my blog is just another in a long line of (bored, maybe) mommy bloggers.  And so I had yet another excuse to step away from the computer and from my blog.

But this is the thing about blogging, including bored mommy blogging.  It's a connection.  By frequenting other blogs, I get to connect with other people out there.  And I get to connect in a most efficient manner.  I don't need the small talk.  I don't need the oops-that-was-a-taboo-subject moments.  I don't need to be p…