Sunday, March 4, 2012

To ice or not to ice?

That is the question...

I have a new addiction (surprise, surprise!).  While I still favour Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea and all of its delights, I have recently been replacing the mandatory "tea and cake" with an Iced Tea or an Iced Coffee.

These tea delights are so wonderfully refreshing on those hot summer days.  And it satisfies my "drink and sweet" craving in one shot - which saves me on baking time and calorie count (like I do that anyway!).

Seriously, I could drink Iced Tea or Iced Coffee all day, but I have limited it to either Morning Tea or Afternoon Tea.  Got to keep it special!  (Hence the continued use of CAPITALS :) ).

The best thing is that these drinks are so easy to make at home and, to my taste buds and stomach anyway, are a lot better than most of the ones that you can find in your local cafe.  I can control the strength, the milkiness, the sweetness to suit my picky palate.

The other best thing is that I no longer feel the need to head on out to my local cafe to satisfy my picky coffee craving.  Yeah - no more sweating in the heat for a hot coffee (as I rarely like iced coffee in the cafes - Koko Black being the exception!)

Recipes :

Iced Coffee
1/3 cup ground coffee
1 1/2 cup water
Sweetened condensed milk
cold milk or chilled water

1.)  Mix together, cover and leave for 24 hours.
2.)  Filter ** and chill.  
To serve
3.)  Pour about a tablespoon of coffee into your glass.
4.)  Spoon in about 2 teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk (or to taste).  Mix together well.
5.)  Pour in some more coffee until you have about 1/2 cup (or to taste).
6.)  Put in your ice-cubes.  
7.)  Put in dash of milk or water if needed.  Stir.
8.)  Sip, sigh, enjoy.

** we have a japanese coffee filter and filter papers from our local japanese Daiso store, for a cost of about $5.00.  Or you can use a cheesecloth inside a strainer.

Iced Tea
5-6 tea bags
2 cups boiling water
1/2 cup sugar
chilled water

1.)  Pour the boiling water over the tea bags.  Cover for 10-15 minutes (according to the strength required).
2.)  Remove the teabags - do not squeeze them.
3.)  Stir in the sugar - the tea solution should still be warm enough for the sugar to disintegrate.
4.)  Chill this tea solution.
To serve
5.)  Pour into your glass about a tablespoon of tea solution.
6.)  Fill glass with ice-cubes
7.)  Pour in chilled water until desired strength is reached.
8.)  Sip, giggle, sip again, enjoy.

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  1. Iced Coffee - cover and leave for 24hours?!?! No instant gratification? You mean I need to **plan**? hehehe. Kinda reminds me of Vietnamese Iced Coffee. I have to google it, but from memory, the coffee was somehow strained into your cup from some other cup with holes in it and I **think** the ice cubes and condensed milk was already in you cup... hmmm great description, huh? Will have to get back to you on that one