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Menu Monday

Another week, another menu.  When I have the time, menu planning is a joy.  When I don't, it's a big sad sigh.  This week, with the fam being sick - self included, neither the mind nor the body were very much into food.  But looking back, it was not too bad.  

Honey Butter Pork with rice and greens

Steak with an Argentine Rub served with cheesy pasta and peas, corn and carrots.

Shepherds Pie (own recipe - will post next time)

Poached Pears with King Island Dairy Vanilla Bean Yoghurt and chocolate sauce

We also had some Arros Caldo (chicken congee - filipino style) - good for whatever ails you.  

And we served up a meal of potato pikelets (my sis called them blinis) with horseradish sour cream and smoked salmon (for entree) and roast beef and veg (for the main) to my darling sis as a housewarming meal.  Happy New Home, sis!!!  I'm annoyed that I forgot to take photos, but we were running late and I got hungry.

To stave of cabin fever, we did head on out for a bit.  We ended up at these two places where I had such a pleasurable time that I'm going to mention it here.

Carolina's in East Brunswick.  All the reasons why I liked it are already mentioned in this post by Mel from Mel:Hot or Not.

See the empty plate back there - again, too hungry to take a photo of the Tunisian-style brik pastry.

Kids had a great time exploring the courtyard out back.

And the other outing was to  It's fairly new (not sure how new).  The staff are still getting their act together, but it's definitely with a smile.  

I am by no means a coffee aficionado, but I can be a bit picky about my coffee, normally about how weak/strong/milky/burnt.  And so, I don't drink coffee unless I know that I am going to enjoy it.  This coffee, while not my absolute favourite, makes the grade for me.  And I love the place.  It's retro; it's fun and it's geeky new-ness (including the foosball table down the back) appeals to me.

So that was my food week...

The good thing is we are all better, just in time for me to plan my shopping list for our monthly "big shop".  I just love a well-stocked pantry, fridge and freezer!

Now what to have for this week...?  I've been a bit slack and I haven't been inspired.  Plus it's getting warm so my much-favoured hearty comfort foods will have to take a back seat this week.

Ok - so I'm thinking cold roasted chicken (maybe the buttermilk and maple syrup variety).
I'm thinking some refreshing tacos or taco salad.  Am I the only one that finds this refreshing?
A quiche or a spanish tortilla is just begging to use up the eggs in the fridge.
And, maybe a light-ish pasta dish.  Hmmm - the possibilities are starting to come through...

What's on your menu this week?

Edited to add some recipe links.  Enjoy!!!


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