Friday, October 7, 2011

It's a skill and I need more sleep

Do you tell jokes?  I don't.  Hardly ever anyway. 

One - I don't know many jokes.

Two - I can't tell jokes.   I stutter the punch lines which ruins it.  Or I'm laughing before I finish telling which, again, ruins it.

And three - I have a really BAD sense of humour.   
Only my husband gets it.  
He gets my humour and reacts.  
It's why I married him.  


And yes, please note the purposeful use of "reacts" rather than "laugh" because ... yeah ... no ... he doesn't always laugh.  And the times when he does laugh he's usually not laughing at the joke; he's usually laughing at me.   But that's ok because that was the point of the joke - to make him laugh.  Which he does.  Why he's laughing ... well, that's secondary, isn't it?

And what about pithy witty comments?   I'm full of them.   Clever, imaginative one-liners.  But, again, it's all in the delivery.   I mutter.  And people are always asking me to repeat my golden one-liner which ... yeah, just ruins it. 

But my Dear Husband is tuned in to my muttering frequency.   He gets it.  And he reacts.  Although his last reaction to a particularly witty Ag comment was "Wow, you poor thing. You must be really tired!". 

Anyways, no joke, I was out watering the garden when I bumped into this fairy.   I nearly gave her a midday shower.   She came into the apartment and was particularly interested in my vases.  She wanted to know how I cleaned the insides as the openings were so small.  I told her that I didn't clean the insides.  She shrugged and then flew away.

Okay so that was a joke - I don't actually garden. I was just standing there when the fairy came by.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

PS.  Thanks to Mia Zamora Johnson for sharing this wonderful pattern.


  1. I LOVE it!!! So well made! I want a fairy to come visit me too..

  2. Oh I love her...she is adorable! I must lear to crochet...

  3. TOO cute! the fairy and the post!! :-D