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Menu Monday

Hi Cousin C!  It was lovely to have you over and make some Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes with you!!!  (oops - sorry no pics of that one).

So, a bit more time was spent in the kitchen this past week.  It was a pleasant time in the kitchen.  On the menu board was Cinnamon Pull-Apart for an afternoon tea at a friend's house.  Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes made with the little ones.  Caramel Popcorn for a little self-indulgence.  And then German Pancakes, Aussie Meat Pies and Filipino Adobo - I went international this past week!  Also, we finished the last of our Farmer's Market steak cuts, so that will be the last of our steak indulgences until next month.

It's a bit cooler this coming week, so I'm thinking :-
- chili con carne
- spinach lasagna rolls
- chicken schnitzel (or do I up the ante to chicken parmigiana?)
- and some steamed fish, maybe?
And I have a yearning for some homemade bread .... hmmm yeah - freshly-baked, warm from the oven, homemade bread with a big slather of…

Too organised?


This project has been a long time coming.  I started it a while ago, but I needed to tweak the design, which I did and the project just rolled on from there.  And now here - for your eye-rolling, you're-so-anal-Ag, viewing pleasure...

No - really - I don't miss working much.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!

Menu Monday

The baking this month has slowed down a bit... how do I know that?  Well, my list for the "big shop" this weekend did not include the 4kg of flour and 1.5kg of butter that it would normally.  When I put it like that - that's quite a bit of baking, huh?  Rest assured, my baked goods are usually shared around and not just consumed in the Ag May household.

But, I'm feeling the baking thing coming on.  The cooler weather is definitely helping along in this department.  So watch this space in the next coming weeks...

But for the past week it has been slightly warmer and I've been focussing on some more non-edible crafting.  So very simple meals this past week :-

A mother's guilt

I have a confession to make...

Little Miss M is only 3 years old (no, that's not my confession.  Read on).  She's the sweetest thing.  Really she is.  And she just loves to talk.  She just can't seem to stop.
However, even though she loves to talk and can have quite grown up conversations, she doesn't really know how to "fight".  I don't think so, anyway.  I mean, I'm right in the throes of guilt at the moment, so that means my child IS AN ANGEL with a HORRIBLE mommy.
So, at this point in time, my dear sweet child is, in my mind and probably in reality as well, incapable of fighting.  
And when I report to my Dear Husband that Little Miss M and I had a fight, what really happened is that mommy (that's me) had a hissy fit.  That's right.  And if I report that I had a bad fight with Little Miss M, it probably means that I threw a tantrum.  Not an adult's equivalent of a tantrum, but a real screaming, hair-pulling (my own hair, mind you), make-an…

Menu Monday

Another week, another menu.  When I have the time, menu planning is a joy.  When I don't, it's a big sad sigh.  This week, with the fam being sick - self included, neither the mind nor the body were very much into food.  But looking back, it was not too bad.  

We also had some Arros Caldo (chicken congee - filipino style) - good for whatever ails you.  

And we served up a meal of potato pikelets (my sis called them blinis) with horseradish sour cream and smoked salmon (for entree) and roast beef and veg (for the main) to my darling sis as a housewarming meal.  Happy New Home, sis!!!  I'm annoyed that I forgot to take photos, but we were running late and I got hungry.

To stave of cabin fever, we did head on out for a bit.  We ended up at these two places where I had such a pleasurable time that I'm going to mention it here.

Carolina's in East Brunswick.  All the reasons why I liked it are already mentioned in this post by Mel from Mel:Hot or Not.

And the other outing was…

10 on 10

"Finding much life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day"...

10 photos over 10 hours - a snapshot of the beauty in my sometimes-ordinary-sometimes-hectic- sometimes-overwhelming-sometimes-good-sometimes-bad-but-always-filled-with-love life.  Thanks for dropping by!

New skills and new discoveries

For a glimpse of beautiful lives across the world (thanks to digital cameras and that wonderful sharing community that is "bloggers"), please head on over to Rebekah's - A Bit of Sunshine

My Performance Appraisal

Now... before I replace my Creative Commitments for the year, I thought it might be a good idea to see how I actually fared last year (2011).  My Creative Commitments for 2011 were : -
- 1 blog post per week
- 1 new recipe every two months
- 2 sewing projects per month
- 2 knitting projects per year

Here's a snapshot of the year that's been...

Sewing - 25 things sewn in total, a majority of which made it into other people's homes as handmade gifts.

Knitting (and crocheting) - 5 things knitted/crocheted up.  I loved learning about crochet and making the gorgeous amigurumi figures.

Cooking/baking - 18 new recipes reported on this blog.  I did have a few more recipes that I tried out, but I mainly reported the baking side of things.  All in all, most of these recipes have made it into my personal recipe book, ready to be made again (and again and again).

Blogging - 59 blog posts for the year.
All things considered (i.e. we had a baby!), I don't think I did too badly.  What do you t…

Menu Monday

There's something about blogging that begs for alliteration.  Corny, I know.  But, I like.

Menu Monday, 'cos I talkin' about menus on a Monday.  And not Monday Menu because that just looks like I forgot my "apostrophe s" and this post is not only about Monday's menu.

So, here's to Menu Monday!!

Al-righty then.  (Hmmm... too Jim Carey-ish you think?  Whatevs.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...

Here's a snap shot of last week's menu (meals and snacks) here at the Ag May household.  

We also had some divine (and I mean DIVINE) eye-fillet steak, rubbed with an Argentine Steak rub accompanied by greens and a glorious 3-ingredient pasta.  But I was so hungry and it was so good, I pretty much finished my first serve before I sat down at the dinner table and just forgot to take a photo.

For this coming week I'm thinking Shepherds Pie.  I'm thinking Aros Caldo (chicken rice - Filipino style) or maybe a Chicken curry (again Filipino style).  I'm thi…

New Year's Resolution

eh - for the next 11 months anyway.

I'm a bit late starting this year.  I've had my break from my reality - a wonderful break filled with family, chaos, emotions, food, activities and general awesomeness...

And now it's time to head back to my reality.

And, while my reality is also filled with family, chaos, emotions, food, activities and awesomeness, it is also filled with personal goals and achievements driven by my obsessive, addictive and anal personality (yes, my poor, poor family).

I have my personal goals - like always having a visitor-ready home in the most efficient, stress-free manner.  Or making wonderful homemade food at home, including snacks.  Or not having more than 2 notebooks happening at any one time.

I have my financial goals - like sticking to my budget and finding new money-saving ways.  Or like saving for a holiday.

And I have, more relevantly to this blog, my Creative Commitments for this year.  And these are ... (insert trumpet sounds here.  Oops - hold …