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Menu Monday

The baking this month has slowed down a bit... how do I know that?  Well, my list for the "big shop" this weekend did not include the 4kg of flour and 1.5kg of butter that it would normally.  When I put it like that - that's quite a bit of baking, huh?  Rest assured, my baked goods are usually shared around and not just consumed in the Ag May household.

But, I'm feeling the baking thing coming on.  The cooler weather is definitely helping along in this department.  So watch this space in the next coming weeks...

But for the past week it has been slightly warmer and I've been focussing on some more non-edible crafting.  So very simple meals this past week :-

Poached chicken with salad and greens 
Spanish Tortilla with salad and greens
Taco Salad (own recipe - will include next time)
Steak (fresh from the Farmers Market) with 3-ingredient pasta and salad
Polvoron (filipino sweet treat)
Handmade breakfast - handmade scones with handmade jam (thanks Opa) and hand-whipped cream (it's so soft and airy)

We also treated ourselves to a dinner out at a new restaurant/diner - Kenji Japanese Dining.  A little gem of a place hidden within a tiny walkthrough shopping arcade.  It is one of the best Japanese - most authentic and delicious - that we've come across.  The sashimi and endamame was refreshing.  The crab croquettes wonderfully deep-fried.

The takoyaki was flavoursome.  

And the Oyoko Don (Teriyaki Chicken Rice with eggy sauce) - wonderful!  This, while quite an "ordinary and common" dish was executed perfectly.  I wouldn't normally order this as there are usually more exotic dishes that I would like to sample, but this was my Dear Husband's choosing.  Why was it wonderful?  It was eggy (as promised in the description) with a nice balance with the teriyaki sauce.  It was not overly saucy - it was for this reason, chicken and rice drowned in overly sweet teriyaki sauce that I have turned off Don dishes - and it was not overly sweet.  This was perfection in a bowl.

We will definitely be going back to Kenji Japanese Dining.

So, what's on our menu for this week?

It's looking like Meat Pies, Chicken and Pork Adobo, and some sort of pasta (preferably vegetarian).   Maybe some sort of simple meat and 3-veg combo as well.
I'm thinking some sort of sweet treat - like Chocolate Truffles or Caramel Popcorn.  Or maybe even some "real" baking.

What's on your menu this week?

Edited to add recipe links.  Enjoy!!!


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