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Pinterest Inspired Party

I love Pinterest!  I will not deny the many hours spent on the site, or the million pins that I've marked.    It sure works better than my overcrowded and never referenced bookmarking.

So, here's my toast to pinterest with a pinterest-inspired party.  I've tried to credit all of the inspirations accordingly but some have gotten lost in the thousand boards that I've got!

Thank you pinterest!

Mini Cupcakes for Little Miss M's classmates. A welcoming archway
Containers to put the completed decorated cookie Fruit Cones - an ice-cream substitute (and, save for the crunching, the only time it was quiet during the party!) The girls decorated cookies... Other goings on at the party...

Ribbon Piñata - a gentler version of the stick piñata Our Thank-You party bags - little goodies plus chocolate-dipped cookies with "Happy Birthday" inscription.  Very spesh-looking!

I think Little Miss M had a good time...

Baby Mac and Ms A joined in the festivities before crashing …