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Mommy vs Daddy

Little Miss M and her dad have a very special relationship - one that I encourage whole-heartedly and am happy to be the outsider looking in.

A very special time for those two is the early morning wake up calls.  In a true gesture of kindness, my Dear Husband started taking Little Miss M out of the bedroom when she woke up early and came calling to let me have a sleep in when my night visits to the toilet became quite excessive.  What a loving husband, eh?  (aka - Yep - he didn't think that one through, did he?).

One fine (early) morning, Little Miss M comes calling demanding for Dear Husband's attention.  Dear Husband, not quite ready to get out of bed yet, tries all types of delaying tactics.
"I need my morning kiss first." Kiss.  "Come on, Dad." "I need my morning hug as well." "I already gave you a morning hug." "I need my good morning song." A few seconds of silence.  And then, with this lovely sing-song voice... "There were 3…

The things we do for love

Shaped Pancakes - a real labour of love...

And if this is for the extremely honest and unrepentantly discerning customer (as most toddlers are) then this is THE lesson that will teach all parents about parenting and all that that encompasses.
"That's not Igglepiggle, mom; that looks like a fish."
"Which bit is his head?" "But where is Makka Pakka's Uff-uff and his Og-pog and his soap and sponge?" "Where are their eyes, mommy?  Why don't they have eyes?" "Can you make the Pontipines, mommy?  There's only 10 of them."
And so, here are my efforts...

What has this experience really taught me?  
Start making breakfast at least 45 minutes earlier (as I was stupid enough to make the shaped pancake suggestion in the first place)Indicate upfront which plate Dear Husband can pick his pancakes from otherwise he is wolfing down Upsy Daisy's head before you know itGive Dear Husband the paper and an apple to tide him over (otherwise yo…