Thursday, October 15, 2015

Of a true gemini

Sometimes I feel like the most organised, super efficient, cover-all-bases, thinking-10-steps-ahead type of person...  like when we came home after a long weekend away.

After a fun-filled albeit tiring last day, plus a long drive home, we had the kids fed-ed and bedded, everything unpacked and put away, and set up for the new school term by 8pm.

We had made sure the girls had enough snacks, filled with enough fruits and popcorn to make a long car ride home pleasant.

We had washed all of our clothes the night before so were unpacking and putting away clean clothes (I loved this!!!) and had plenty of clothes to choose from for the following day.

And everything had been checked off everyones list of holiday expectations, so they were happy to come home.

All steps covered.  Organised.  Efficient.  Give the girl a pat on the back, John.  (Wait!  Who's John?)

And sometimes, I feel like the laziest, biggest time-waster to have ever lived... like the time I stayed up late to clean up my email inbox and even later to watch a movie I wasn't even enjoying as I was watching it (loved Mean Girls... would have preferred never to have heard of Mean Girls 2).  And then I was so tired and thus unproductive the next day.  Was not worth it = time-waster!!  If it had been Charlie's Angels, then tired + unproductive but not a time-waster.

But as I mentioned, I can be super-efficient and super-productive... like the time I made a notebook cover in a couple of hours.

This was a wee present for a work-mate's little girl who lived overseas.

I was so happy with the result, I decided that it was to be the theme for Little Miss M's friends'  birthday gifts.

My "power tools" for this project - fray stoppa and foam boards.

Now... which side of my personality shall I indulge today?