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10 on 10

"Finding much life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day"...

10 photos over 10 hours - a snapshot of the beauty in my sometimes-ordinary-sometimes-hectic- sometimes-overwhelming-sometimes-good-sometimes-bad-but-always-filled-with-love life.  Thanks for dropping by!

Good Morning, mama!

Strong hands; precious cargo

Got to love me a well-organised, rubbish-free art box!

Good nap, lil' sis?  Wanna come out to play?

Let's get ready for lunch

Inspired to bake something yet, mama?

Sleep, my little one.  Rest well and get better soon.

A little Iced Coffee, sweetened with life's elixir - sweetened condensed milk - to get me through the rest of the day

New skills and new discoveries

An organized toy bucket - be still my anal obsessive heart
For a glimpse of beautiful lives across the world (thanks to digital cameras and that wonderful sharing community that is "bloggers"), please head on over to Rebekah's - A Bit of Sunshine


  1. Lovely photos, gorgeous kiddies. Looks like a fun day with the little ones.

  2. Gorgeous children! looks like a lovely day with them.

  3. Thanks Monique and Leanne. It was a great day. And it's projects like this that makes me appreciate just how much of a great day it was!

    Thanks again for dropping by!

  4. I like the getting ready for lunch photo! Kelly

  5. Such sweet photos! Beautiful kiddos, fun projects, looks like a great day. Hope your little one feels better soon.

  6. love these photos! condensed milk in tea??? have to try that!

  7. Looks like it was a fun play day! Beautiful set!

  8. @Miss G - thanks! I lucked out with that one.
    @Angel - thank you, Angel. I love looking back on these photos. It makes me appreciate my kids and days like this (sometimes I really need that sort of reminder).
    @mommy of Five - sweetened condensed milk - oh yeah! It's pretty popular in Malaysia (The Tahrek).
    @JulieBGreen - thanks!!! it was one of those good days. I have a feeling that taking the snapshots throughout the day helped to make it a fun day for me. Oh - and being able to stay in pi's the whole day probably helps!!!

    Thank you all for dropping by!!


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