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Blast from the past

Talk about reliving the memories - I spent a fun-filled night at Bobby McGees!!!  In a true stroke of entertaining genius, D & S held their engagement party at Bobby McGees.  Nothing can invoke the "good-ole-days" memory store better than going back to the scene of the crime - complete with the music, the sticky floor, the dark corners and the free-flowing cocktails. * smiling reminiscently * - yep the good ole days.
Here's the card for the occasion.

Bring on Summer!

And the "Friday - after work drinks" culture starts early.

"Hump" Day already?

As in Wednesday Hump Day! 
A couple of disastrous parenting nights, overly busy work days and a stuffy congested head makes the weekend just been seem so far away.  It was such a lovely weekend; let's hope the rest of the week is better and the last two days was just a hiccup.
Thanks for a lovely visit, N!  I cut you out of one of the photos as I never asked if I could post your ass on the internet :)

Not too bad on the crafting side of things as well.  Dear Dad got to practice some more screen printing and Little Miss M got a newly printed t-shirt.  
 Do you remember the time when your parents could do anything?  I still think so - a few decades old; married with kid and I still ask my dad to come over and fix this-and-that and add shelves over here.  Love you Pa!

Powers of Suggestion

On the way to childcare yesterday...

Miss M : "Why did Mama go to work today?" Daddy : "Mama had to go to work to make some money so that she can buy bread." Silence. Miss M : "Is Daddy going to work today?" Daddy : "Yes baby" Miss M : "Is Daddy going to work to make some money?" Daddy : "Yes baby" Miss M : "Maaaaaybe Daddy will to go work today and make some money..." Miss M : "And, maaaaaybe Daddy will buy a book." Miss M : "Yes, maaaaaybe Daddy will buy a 'Maisy' book"
Later that evening, Dad's wallet a few dollars lighter...

Sucked in!!!!

Oh Dear

HAHAHA!!!!  I've got a ways to go in the cupcake decorating department.  

Green Eggs and ... Beef

To what lengths will I go to ensure that our fridge is stocked with Free Range Green Eggs and Yarra Valley Grass Fed Beef?  

To some, this is a way of life.  For me, I struggled to find the shoes in my cupboard for these conditions that would keep my toes dry and be cleanable for use some other day.  And even then, the shoes were white - aaaaargh!

Second Wind

Considering the extra slow, non-productive end to the working week, this weekend has been relatively productive.  
Laid out and shopped for my 5-week menu plan.  

My dear husband printed out a t-shirt for our little girl.  I have a couple of purses in the making - near completion.
And cookie dough balls all ready to be baked whenever the cookie monster comes calling.  

Not too bad at all, I think.

A Little Something of Dad

We're still getting the hang of childcare, mainly getting ready in the morning and bypassing the reluctance* my little one has in going to "school".  The latest trend is to let her bring a little something of her dad's with her to childcare.  Here's her last pick - her dad's t-shirt.

*Reluctance = can range from "I feel sad" to out-and-out tantrums (from both mom and child sometimes)

Sew Straight

I'm not doing too badly in the sewing stakes.  I've been making my Creative Commitments  (check them out on the side bar) and getting use out of the sewing machine that I spent too much money on.  I think, though, I need to get back to basics and learn how to sew straight!!!
First attempt - check out the crazy sewing line on the right
Second attempt - better
Final product!!!
Note : the pattern is from a wonderful designer whom I can't recommend highly enough - Nicole Mallalieu.
That's Creative Commitment Sewing number 2 and 3 for October 2010


Sometimes (ok, most times except on pay day), going to work just gets in the way of the more important things in life.  However, would I enjoy these moments as much, or indulge in them as much, if I could get it everyday?
I wish I could decorate cupcakes like this!

Things That Lift My Spirit

With the onslaught of gray weather and a hard two days ahead of me, it's time to prepare mentally with things that lift my spirit.
The anticipation of homemade cupcakes
Being read to while cooking dinner
Relaxing in the sun
What lifts your spirit?

Bubblegum Vest Action Shot

As promised - the Milo Vest in action.  I got too lazy to block.  I'll block it after I wash it.

Hammers and Sewing Machines?

"That's a bit whacky" as my little one would say.  

But not so much if you're into craft and art.  I think I've spent more time in Bunnings looking for the most appropriate tool for my craft stuff than for any household repairs.  I mean, why wouldn't you use hand weights as a hammer to put together that Ikea shelving?  But there is no substitute for a hammer when it comes to crimping your purse frame.
I spent a lovely few hours with some very talented ladies and one especially talented and sharing - by way of a sewing workshop.  6 eager students and 1 wonderful instructor = 5 crisp, professional-looking, hand-made framed purses/clutch bags plus 1 not-so-professional-looking one (while my finishes were not bad, my fabric was cut crookedly on the fabric pattern - doh!).
Here's my make and take... now I've just got learn to cut straight and sew on the line.

That's Creative Commitment Sewing number 1 for October 2010.

Bubblegum Vest

A lovely (and EASY) pattern from Tikki - the Milo Vest.  Unlike my other knitting project, this was a breeze and completed (minus the blocking) in under 2 weeks!  The yarn was not anywhere near as delicate, so I was able to stick the ball under my arm and knit while standing on a train, waiting at the lights, watching Little Miss M in the park etc etc etc...
Little Miss M seems to like it.  Her other vest (store-bought) had a front opening with a zipper that annoyed her to no end.
*Sigh* Oh the feeling of accomplishment.  *Sigh*

I'll post an action shot later (one that shows off Little Miss M's lovely two-year old belly :) )
So that's Creative Commitment Knitting number 2 for 2010 done.

Complementary Sweets

Portuguese Custard Tarts and (was supposed to be) Mini Pavlovas - a perfect complement to each other as you use the egg yolks in one and then the egg whites in the other.  I'm not sure what happened to my meringue bases - I think the oven was too hot (?).  It turned brown before it dried out and crisped up.  Still, not to fret, they are edible - crumbled over strawberries and ice-cream - YUM!



Little Moments of Delight

And it all came together one day... pretty cupcakes, flowers from my husband, and some knitting on the go.  It's a shame that I only had a few moments before work to enjoy this before rushing off with the rest of my day.  Still - a few moments are always better than none.

Finished Flutter Scarf

Yeah!  Finished!  Finally!
Blocking - still don't know what I'm doing here.  I really wanted to make the "flutter" a bit more fluttery, but it's back-breaking work this blocking.

But I'm loving the scarf; even the color is ok now that it's been washed and blocked.
I hope you like it, F.  Merry Christmas!!

Oh yes - that's Creative Commitment Knitting number 1 for 2010 accomplished.  Now to start (and finish) CC Knitting number 2 for 2010.