Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Build the pack in the gym...

Lose the fat in the kitchen...

Ever heard of that one?

Well, between my toddler-wrangling days and my choice of pre-bedtime suppers, I think I have a six-pack beneath my layer of stomach blubber.  But seriously, how can you go to sleep knowing that this is on offer?

Chilled berries in a white chocolate cream sauce in our fancy plastic bowls
Or this...

Pavlova - marshmallowy centre with a crisp meringue shell topped with soft fluffy sweetened whipped cream and a drizzle and dazzle of tangy passionfruit sauce and chilled berries!!!  Please take note the TWO mugs and the TWO spoons.  I did share this sugared delight with my Dear Husband.  We both felt a bit sick after consuming it though.  Sugared out!
On a more productive note, it was blankets blankets and blankets this week.  Two mini blankets for two delightful little girls.

They are both made of flannel on one side and soft cotton on the other.  It was a bit of a rush job so both were machine binded.  Not the neatest for me; I'm still trying to perfect the technique.  I particularly love the bottom one because I love the prints on both sides.  Also one side was an awesome find in my mother's cupboard... European pillow covers, but she doesn't own any European pillows so they became mine for the taking!

On a final note... Little Miss M has started ballet classes.  Oh, her enthusiasm is so infectious!!  I rushed out and bought her some ballet slippers.  I LOVE ballet slippers!!!  They look so compact and neat on the feet.  I would live in them if only they didn't rip apart on first contact with concrete.  I may have to take up ballet to have a "valid" excuse for owning a pair of ballet slippers.  What do you think - is one term of lessons long enough to justify buying ballet slippers and then dropping the class but keeping the slippers?  Hmm....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Origami anyone?

Hey there!!!  Long time; no see.  And I've finally figured out why!!  I think it's because I haven't been taking photos.  I've been a bit discouraged with my photographs every since we got a new lens.  I'm not blaming my equipment (:)), but it's taking me a while to get used to it.

So, I've got to lug my beloved camera around and just practise practise practise.

Anyways, here's what I have been up to... Fabric Origami Boxes.  I bet you would not have put fabric and origami together, eh?  Eh?  Eh?  But yes, they can and I did and it worked.  It worked wonderfully.

Here's my latest project... with me going back to my card making as well which is a bonus...  Blank cards (with matching envelopes) inside fabric boxes.

This was a present for a friend of my Dear Husband whom I knew would appreciate it.  And she did.  And the funny thing (well, to me anyway), was that I gave the present with no card.  I HATE writing in greeting cards, therefore I HATE giving cards, therefore I almost always never give a card with my presents.  But I do enjoy making them cards...

The book I used for the fabric boxes was this.  But once you know how to turn your plain ole fabric into origami-able (not an acceptable word in Words with Friends, but it should be, don't you think?  But I digress.. where was I?  Oh yes...) once you know how to turn your plain ole fabric into origami-able fabric, then the world wide web is your oyster.  Or however that saying goes.

What else has been happening at chez moi?

A bit of baking...

A spot of mothering... (hello Ms A!)

And watching my littlies growing up...  here's Little Miss M and Ms A keeping each other company.

Eh - she's multitasking... sleeping and keeping her big sis company!

And keeping Baby Mac out of mischief... although in this instance, it was cleaning up after a spot of mischief...

*sigh*  I didn't really need that whole tub of vaseline anyway *sigh*