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Fresh out of the Oven

So, I've been a SAHM for a while... it's about time that I get back into the blog-o-sphere, and preferably with a firm commitment, eh?

So... "Hey moms, look what I made!!!"

Ms A was born one early Sunday morn, where she shot out like an over-excited bungy-jumper!  She surprised the heck out of me - when they placed her in my arms for the first time, I was still in shock and, quite literally, could not comprehend what I was holding.  Yeah sure - I had about 40weeks to get ready for this moment, but, when it happened, nature took over and left my mind behind in the dust where it caught up a couple of days later.  At least I had my baby in the hospital (*wink wink* hey D!).

She was a whopper of a baby coming out (well, compared to my other two!) and she defined a whole new birthing experience for me.  Many will assume that a third time mom should be an old hand at this, but no... not for me.  I couldn't even time my contractions properly because they felt so differe…