Friday, November 16, 2012

Fresh out of the Oven

So, I've been a SAHM for a while... it's about time that I get back into the blog-o-sphere, and preferably with a firm commitment, eh?

So... "Hey moms, look what I made!!!"

Ms A was born one early Sunday morn, where she shot out like an over-excited bungy-jumper!  She surprised the heck out of me - when they placed her in my arms for the first time, I was still in shock and, quite literally, could not comprehend what I was holding.  Yeah sure - I had about 40weeks to get ready for this moment, but, when it happened, nature took over and left my mind behind in the dust where it caught up a couple of days later.  At least I had my baby in the hospital (*wink wink* hey D!).

She was a whopper of a baby coming out (well, compared to my other two!) and she defined a whole new birthing experience for me.  Many will assume that a third time mom should be an old hand at this, but no... not for me.  I couldn't even time my contractions properly because they felt so different from the first two.

And so we went from this...

to this...

And now we're all settling in to this...

Hello, my darling Ms A.

This is Ms A after she had gained back her lost weight and was back at her birth weight.  In other words, this is what I was carrying inside me!!!

PS.  And yes... our family does include Dear Husband... he's the one behind the camera :)

PPS.  Hey - can I post this as one of my Creative Commitments for 2012?  You know, one of my "4 of own creations"?