Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's all in the details

Earlier in the month, I attended a Bag in a Day workshop.  Great fun; learnt heaps; built confidence.  I didn't quite finish it at the workshop, and I've only just now gotten around to finishing it off *roll eyes shake head*.  Admittedly, I have taken it out for a couple of quick trips before now.

The bag was waiting for some embellishments.  The embellishments tell me which side of the bag to face out when I wear it, so that my beginners (read : dodgy) interfacing job on one side doesn't show.  It's all in the details, all in the details (so I'm sorry about the contrasting red t-shirt.  My dear husband was kind enough to model, so I wasn't going to push my luck by asking him to change t-shirts).

The embellishments are courtesy of a lovely store, Kimono house, and made with the same fabric as the lining of the bag.  Of course, since I made a flower for my bag Little Miss M wanted one for herself as well.  She hasn't asked for the matching bag ...yet.

I don't what it is about pink.  I don't normally wear pink.  I'm a black, white or denim with a rich colors kind of gal.  But when it comes to buying material, I seem to be drawn to pink.  Is it a safe color for these sort of girl accessories?

That's Creative Commitment Sewing number 2 for November 2010.

Once Bitten; Twice Shy

It's not that I haven't admitted to it; it's just that I'm not enjoying my reaction so far to it.

I suspected at 3 weeks; had a dating scan at 6 weeks and am now nearly 10 weeks pregnant.  Yeah!

Now... If only I could stop the feelings of apprehension.  If only I could stop the dreams.  If only I could stop checking for bleeding every hour.  If only I could get past the fear and accept that this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach is just pregnancy nerves, bloating and constipation.  If only I could let myself enjoy this time of my life.

Is it a matter of letting go of the past?  Or is it a matter of embracing what has been to fully appreciate what is now?

*sigh* one day at a time.  Looking at old photos helps.  I'll make it to this again, I'm sure ...I think.  

But either way I already have a greater appreciation of how truly blessed I am.  Fear or no fear - that has to be a good thing.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What took me so long?

Juggling midday naps and frequent trips to the toilet means that not a lot has been happening on the crafting (or the house cleaning!) side of life.  But finally, I have managed to finish off a couple of reading cushion covers for Little Miss M.  Thanks to N for the inspiration!

A few notes about these cushion covers.
1.)  I don't know why it took me so long to get these together.  Cutting and piecing the panels took the longest.  Sewing was a half-an-hour to an-hour to do.

2.)  These are two different types of cushion covers.  One has a zip at the bottom.  Instructions are courtesy of this tutorial.  The other has overlapping flaps at the back.  Instructions were nought.  Success (as in "not bad, fits well; but are the flaps upside down?") was a fluke.  As long as the cushions are soft enough to stuff into the cover, then I have no preference on which is better.  They are both easily removable to wash.

3.)  The paneling was done differently.  One cover was two pieces joined together to make one piece (picture on the right).  The other was a full under-piece with a panel sewn on top (picture on the left).  With the two pieces joined together, even though I interfaced them, the seam allowance is still (very minimally) visible.  On a different type of fabric, this might make a difference.

4.)  I used interfacing, on both the two pieces joined as well as the panel sewn on top to minimise the appearance of the seam allowance through the fabric.  Interfacing is only attached up to the seam allowance.

5.)  I cut the corners to minimise the bulk and to give nice pointy corners.

6.)  Depending on the fabric that you use, it's not necessarily cheaper to sew up your own cushion covers.  But I have enough fabric scraps to sew up a couple of mini cushions for Little Miss M's dolls.  And having Little Miss M proclaim to all, with a big smile, that "Mama's making me cushion covers" is priceless.

So here they are in action...

That's Creative Commitment Sewing number 1 (and 2, if I don't finish this bag that's waiting for the final touches) for November 2010.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How long would you have waited?

One night - two weeks ago, I went out looking for this

But it was closed.  So I settled for this

And, finally, two weeks later, I had this

Followed by this

After waiting for two weeks, it was sublime...

Two weeks!!! How long would you have waited to satisfy a craving?

Monday, November 8, 2010


I LOVE receiving parcels in the mail!!  I love it, love it, love it.  I know my postman  by name and, lucky man, he normally gets a treat when he comes knocking on my door.  All quite innocent - thank you very much!!

It's been a bit quiet on the crafting front, because I have been waiting for my parcels to arrive.  And they're here!!!  (As she jumps around the room in delight)

Hmm - what lovely goodies do you think I am going to make with this set?

And here's the lovely treat that greeted my postman this time round.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What can you do?

All at the dinner table.  Little Miss M banging her spoon and not eating.
"Please stop that, Darling.  Please stop banging the spoon on the table."
Spoon continued to bang.
"Sweetheart, please stop that.  It's too loud and you're making a mess".
Spoon continued to bang.
"Sweetie, enough, please"
Spoon continued to bang.
"Oh, for goodness sake, are you listening to me?!?"
"No mama"
"Oh, ok.  Well, when you're ready to listen, tell me"
A few (quiet) seconds later.
"I'm ready to listen now."
"Ok.  Please stop banging on the table with your spoon."
"Ok mama"
A few seconds later... Little Miss M starts to bang her hands on the table... *sigh*...  At least she stopped with the spoon.


What can I do?  Enjoy it while it lasts :)