Monday, June 3, 2013

Where there's a will there's a way

No oven?  No problem.
No egg?  Never mind.

Want scones!  Ok!

Stovetop scones are the bomb.  Originating from the Scottish poor lands, apparently as only the rich had ovens, these can be found in google under the search Stovetop Scones.  Awesome, I say.  A real contender for weekend scones.  And for anytime scones.

Just served fresh and hot with a pat of butter and a cup of tea - delish.
Warm with lightly whipped cream and homemade jam - divine.
Cooled with another pat of butter and jam and a cup of tea - noice.

It may have started as such, but this is no longer a recipe just because I don't have an oven.  This one is a keeper.

On another note... five years ago, as a thoughtful-new-mommy present from a thoughtful friend (how many people think of the mommy (or even the daddy) on the birth of a new baby?!?), I got this... a set of pj's.

I lived in these for the first five months of Little Miss M's life (well, this and the other two sets that my dear sis bought for me... another thoughtful person right there!).  Seriously.  I didn't leave the apartment save for travelling to my mother's house.  First time bfing mom and I needed some soft stuff next to my skin as well as "easy access".  These sets of pjs were the best!  

Sadly, I've had to retire one of them.  Too long a pant leg + lazy clothes sewer = ripped pants.  Yeah - I love to sew stuff; I just don't like to mend or fix stuff.  I have been known to send away my jeans to be hemmed even though I have a kick-ass sewing machine!

Anyway, back on topic...  have no fear.  These lovely pjs have found a new lease on life...

Yo!  C-lo!  Five years later, man!  Thanks for the gift that keeps on giving!  And thanks for the birthday wishes.  Catch up soon!  xoxo.