Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Birthdays, Dishes and Blueberry Custard Pie... Oh My!

Back to front... let's start with Blueberry Custard Pie.

A buttery homemade pie crust, encompassing a custardy blueberry filling; topped with a streusel topping.  Once the pie crust has been made (which can done in advance) then this pie comes together quicker than you can say "a buncha munchy crunchy carrots"  (Octonauts, anyone?).

This pie is awesome straight out of the oven, served with a scoop vanilla ice-cream, tea and Mark Harmon in bed, or warmed in the microwave served with a dollop of cream for breakfast the next day.  But better with Mark Harmon.

I have written about this already... actually almost a year ago today!  But I think it's worth writing about again.

My little ones are growing up quickly.  Besides all the exasperated sighs, the telling off, rule after rule after rule, we're doing aw-right.  I have been having more energy, am more organised, and more open to laughing with the girls.  Something recently just clicked with me.  And, if the pictures below depict anything, we're doing some things right!  Am I the only one that finds doing dishes relaxing?

And lastly birthdays...

(Not so) Baby Mac - who will forever be referred to as such in this wee blog :) - is quite a social butterfly and has been invited to quite a number of birthday parties.  Personalised lap blankets have been well received by Little Miss M's friends at the same age, so I'm keeping it on.  My machine binding technique is moving along, although I'm not quite there yet.  Minky dots with this one... so lux!

And a Happy Birthday to me!  A milestone one, this one... and here's how I celebrated mine... simple pleasures (oh how the definition of that changes with time!).

A good book, a bowl of malteasers, tea in my "happy" mug and sago coconut milk with mango and pomelo, served in one of my favourites places in the world... 
Thanks for dropping by!