Thursday, October 15, 2015

Of a true gemini

Sometimes I feel like the most organised, super efficient, cover-all-bases, thinking-10-steps-ahead type of person...  like when we came home after a long weekend away.

After a fun-filled albeit tiring last day, plus a long drive home, we had the kids fed-ed and bedded, everything unpacked and put away, and set up for the new school term by 8pm.

We had made sure the girls had enough snacks, filled with enough fruits and popcorn to make a long car ride home pleasant.

We had washed all of our clothes the night before so were unpacking and putting away clean clothes (I loved this!!!) and had plenty of clothes to choose from for the following day.

And everything had been checked off everyones list of holiday expectations, so they were happy to come home.

All steps covered.  Organised.  Efficient.  Give the girl a pat on the back, John.  (Wait!  Who's John?)

And sometimes, I feel like the laziest, biggest time-waster to have ever lived... like the time I stayed up late to clean up my email inbox and even later to watch a movie I wasn't even enjoying as I was watching it (loved Mean Girls... would have preferred never to have heard of Mean Girls 2).  And then I was so tired and thus unproductive the next day.  Was not worth it = time-waster!!  If it had been Charlie's Angels, then tired + unproductive but not a time-waster.

But as I mentioned, I can be super-efficient and super-productive... like the time I made a notebook cover in a couple of hours.

This was a wee present for a work-mate's little girl who lived overseas.

I was so happy with the result, I decided that it was to be the theme for Little Miss M's friends'  birthday gifts.

My "power tools" for this project - fray stoppa and foam boards.

Now... which side of my personality shall I indulge today?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Birthdays, Dishes and Blueberry Custard Pie... Oh My!

Back to front... let's start with Blueberry Custard Pie.

A buttery homemade pie crust, encompassing a custardy blueberry filling; topped with a streusel topping.  Once the pie crust has been made (which can done in advance) then this pie comes together quicker than you can say "a buncha munchy crunchy carrots"  (Octonauts, anyone?).

This pie is awesome straight out of the oven, served with a scoop vanilla ice-cream, tea and Mark Harmon in bed, or warmed in the microwave served with a dollop of cream for breakfast the next day.  But better with Mark Harmon.

I have written about this already... actually almost a year ago today!  But I think it's worth writing about again.

My little ones are growing up quickly.  Besides all the exasperated sighs, the telling off, rule after rule after rule, we're doing aw-right.  I have been having more energy, am more organised, and more open to laughing with the girls.  Something recently just clicked with me.  And, if the pictures below depict anything, we're doing some things right!  Am I the only one that finds doing dishes relaxing?

And lastly birthdays...

(Not so) Baby Mac - who will forever be referred to as such in this wee blog :) - is quite a social butterfly and has been invited to quite a number of birthday parties.  Personalised lap blankets have been well received by Little Miss M's friends at the same age, so I'm keeping it on.  My machine binding technique is moving along, although I'm not quite there yet.  Minky dots with this one... so lux!

And a Happy Birthday to me!  A milestone one, this one... and here's how I celebrated mine... simple pleasures (oh how the definition of that changes with time!).

A good book, a bowl of malteasers, tea in my "happy" mug and sago coconut milk with mango and pomelo, served in one of my favourites places in the world... 
Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bedside topside

Bunk beds, loft beds… they’re pretty cool.  

Awesome cubby houses; magical castles; huge hideaway spots; in-house cinema.  

Just an awesome place to be.  

Why wouldn’t you have a bunk bed or a loft bed?  Especially with three kids!  Especially in a small apartment.

Well, here’s a couple of reasons why not…

If you’re the wrong height and you can’t reach the top bunk from the ground, do you know how difficult it is to change those bed sheets?

Or what about when you want to air out the mattress?  If I can’t put on the bedsheets from down there, how do you think I’m going to lift the mattress high enough to go over the railing and then down to the floor?  WATCH OUT BELOW!

And what about when your kid falls asleep in the car?  Yep – you can maneuver them out of the car.  Yep – you can carry them up the stairs.  Yep – you can turn this way and that so that you don’t bump them into the furniture.  But what about getting them UP to the top bunk?

And then, no bedside table.  Where to put the water bottle?  Where to put the bedtime book?  Where to put your glasses?  Or the iphone? (Actually, that’s for when the parent falls asleep in the top bunk!)

Well... I'm still thinking of how to address the first three problems (you're thinking stilts, aren't you?), I do have a solution for the last one.  Bedside pouch!

Thanks to a visit from a school friend, the little ones were all occupied so that I could whip this one up in an afternoon.  It's a button/strap attachment on the back with two very roomy pockets on the front.  Little Miss M is very happy.  And I feel safer knowing that no more heavy novels will come falling down from the top bunk in the middle of the night!

Sweet dreams, little ones!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Visions, Goals, Plans... Oh My

I'm a sucker.  And I've got an addictive personality.  And I rationalise and justify everything I do.  So, it's never a good idea for me to pick up a new hobby... aka addiction... unless it's truly good for me.

I picked up the capsule wardrobe thing... good.

I picked up the skincare/makeup thing... not so good ($$$).

I latched onto the no shampoo thing... good.

And now I'm onto the Kikki K thing... so NOT good.

I'm into it.  So so so into it.  My life can be soooo much better with the help of stationary and vision boards and stickers and pens and yep... workshops.

It's mid-year and I'm goal setting.  I've never been a believer in the New Year's Resolution movement, but mid-year goal setting... I'm all over that like a rash, baby.

I've "invested" in a planner so that I can live each day with purpose.

I've "invested" in a vision board so that I can keep motivated.

And I've attended a Goals Workshop so that I can figure out my purpose... what I need to plan my day around; what I need to keep motivated about.

But you know what?  I'm going for gold on this one.  I'm going to give it a real go.  And, despite what I've just typed out (with the derisive tone and all), I'm going to see if this works for me.

So I went to the workshop... and thanks Caroline and Kikki K... I got some nuggets.  Obvious to some, but nouveau riche for me.  I've seen the Ikea ad about rocks and pebbles and sand and I know how that also applies to time management, but I never really thought about the reverse... what would happen if I filled it with sand first?  Light bulb! (Well, not that a light bulb happens, but... you know what I mean.)

So I'm going to fill out my Goals journal.
I'm going to work on my Planner (although, so far, I've spent more time looking at it and decorating it and doing up my planner rather than doing my life!).
And I'm going to keep my vision board.

Let's see where I land with this one, eh?  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Little Miss M

I asked Little Miss M - Do you want to have your birthday at a play centre and you can invite lots of friends, or do you want me to plan an at-home party with just a few friends?

After all the fun that she had been having at her friends parties being held at a play centre, I was very surprised when Little Miss M opted for an at-home party.  Apparently, I'm loved because I plan the birthdays.

And so a birthday party was planned... A FURBY PARTY!!  Dah-Noh-Lah!  Party party!!

We had games...

A photo booth with props... (and we printed out the photos for the guests to take home)

We had cake...

And we sent the party guests home with a furby key chain, a photo from the photo booth and some homemade love...

Yes, I had to take a few days off from work to get everything done.
Yes, the Furby cake was filled with smarties and m&m's (not sure why we don't have a picture of it).  And I really don't want to think of how much butter was used to make the cake and the frosting!!
Yes, it took me the better part of a month to make the friendship bracelets.
And yes, I was exhausted by the end of it.

And how did my Dear Husband cope with an apartment full of squealing girls?  He survived.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Little Miss M!  Thank you for choosing "my party" and trusting me to make it good for you.  I did not think that your smile could get wider or brighter, but it shone so much on that day and I fell even deeper in awe of your generous heart.  I'm so proud of you and I'm happy to work through the night (or many nights!!!) to do something for you in the hope that you would be proud of me too.

Keep on smiling, my sunshine.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Handmade catchup

Hello there world and all of its lovely people.  I've indulged my laziness and procrastination tendencies enough and I'm ready to face the world.  What have you been up to in the past 6 months?

I think I've found a pattern... I think it takes me about half a year to get going; to get my mojo on; to get off my arse.  After a quiet six months, all of a sudden, I have inspiration boards and I have time planners and I have goals..  and it's already July.

Anyways, here are a few handmade goodies that have graced my craft table in the past six months.  Either I've been really non-productive or I've been really lazy with the camera.  Probably both... never mind.  Let's work with what we've got...

Origami (Christmas) Baubles - it helps if you have a circle cutter
Origami Baubles paired with white chocolate stuffed Snickerdoodle cookies - white chocolate stuffed anything *swoon*
Hairclip/Headband holder
My gorgeous niece asked for a box for Christmas.  I got her one and put a doll in it.
As I've said (or written) - non-productive or lazy, both very possible.  But in the end that is all I have to report on.  But I have Little Miss M's party to report on and that definitely has more handmade goodies.  So stay tuned, ok?

In the meanwhile.... Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Growing up; growing together

My little girls are growing up.  They’re catching up with each other, and then they’re racing away as they go through their developmental growth spurts.  But whatever the case, they are growing together.  And it’s the joy of my life.  You know that feeling?  When you’re just sitting there, watching, enjoying, with a goofy smile on your face.  Yeah – that feeling.  It’s awesome.

One day, after Little Miss M and Dear Husband had already left for the day, I was lounging around in bed – ok, I was wallowing in self-pity over my head cold.  Before he left, I think Dear Husband had a quiet word to the two little one to let me rest.

And so they did.  I heard some shuffling.  I heard some whispering.  I heard some furniture being moved around.  I heard some “help please Ditse”.  I heard some “Ssshhh, mama’s sleeping.”

Of course, who can resist that?  I had to get up to see what was going on.  And this is what I saw…

 Little Miss Independence and Little Miss Independence-in-training.  Gee willie winkies – they’re clever, huh?