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What I love about "home"

Thankful Thursday is here!!!  And today is about what I love and am thankful for on the home front.

Newborn cuddles
A fruit bowl full of fresh fruit
Socks that are too small to hang on the clothes horse
Homemade (and very simply) decorated cupcakes
Afternoon naps with Little Miss M
How is your Thursday looking today?

What to do with a newborn baby

I have a newborn baby at home, plus a Dear Husband (currently on leave) and a willful toddler.  We are all adjusting to the changes that having a newborn baby brings - which are changes that are changing all the time!!
In the meanwhile, it's also the season of birthdays amongst Little Miss M's friends.  I love this concept - "Little Miss M's friends" - they're actually my friends that have kids and we use birthdays as an excuse to have a party and pig out.  Little Miss M is just starting to play and acknowledge other children as her friends.  Luckily, she has acknowledged my friends' children as her friends now.
Anyway, we've been busy sewing up a few "reading" blankets.  And, of course, they must have their names on it. What's a reading blanket?  Just a lap blanket to use while reading a book or lazing in front of the television.  These ones are made from a luxurious flannel on one side, cotton batting in the middle and a soft cotton on t…

And now the fun begins

Just a short note - Baby M is home!!!  She was given the all clear and came home one sunny (slightly chilly) morning.  And what a homecoming - she slept.  She slept so much that I was able to make a quilt cover for Little Miss M (picture to follow in a different post).

Of course - overnight was a different story and I got to know Baby M very well in the wee hours of the morning!

I have to say, my little girl - Little Miss M - has been a real trooper through this whole experience.  I'm sure she is going through an emotional roller coaster ride at the moment, but she is trying REALLY HARD to be a good girl and a great big sister.  Even at her worst so far, Little Miss M is coping well.

I'm so proud of you, Little Miss M!  I can't begin to imagine what is going on in that sweet mind of yours, but you're doing really well with all the changes.  I couldn't ask any more from you.

Times are a-changin', aren't they?  I am struggling to find a good balance between g…

Waiting, waiting

A long story short...
On Sunday we delivered a beautiful baby girl.  A truly unbelievable labour as in "too easy!!!"  However, to make up for the easy labour and also the fact that Baby M was premature and not fully cooked, she went to the Special Care Nursery and into an incubator.  We did manage a good cuddle before Baby M was whisked off.
The following days were quite surreal.  I had given birth, but where was the baby, the nappy changes, the feeding, the sleepless nights, the newborn cuddles?  The good with the bad, really.  I had the best sleep that I have had in ages (since the pregnancy started!).  I skipped that tar-like poo clean up.  But I had no baby to hold - and did Baby M know me?  Could she know me through the touch of my hands alone?

And so, it was a waiting game.  Baby M was there with us and we were there with her, just not together with that plastic bubble around her.  A bit of a slow start, but she started to thrive under the nurses' care (they were fant…

For my Little Miss M

I've been plagued with guilt of late.  I seem to have made a lot of things for other people and not much for my little girl.  So, armed with some time off, I've got a list of things to make for my Little Miss M.  
Seriously, while my homemade/handmade gifts have been well received and the recipients have been profuse with their appreciation (hence why I keep making stuff for them), there is nothing that can compare to my Little Miss M's loving thanks complete with hugs and kisses and declarations of how much she loves the things that I make her.  And the ongoing appreciation when she says she wants to wear that <insert garment here> that Mama made.  Makes me melt on the inside.
Little Miss M also does that with the clothes that her Lola has made for her.  Saying that she would like to wear "Lola's pants" and even going so far as one afternoon asking to call her Lola so that she can say thank you for the pants.  And this is months after she has received th…