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Where to start

My Journey
It’s been a difficult year for me.By all appearances, this year should not have been so difficult.I should have been able handle the curve balls that life had thrown my way.I mean, I did handle them, but I should have handled them with less angst and more determination, more fortitude, more me.
But I was off.Something in me was off.When I find that I cannot manage various circumstances that I find myself in without feeling overwhelmed and victimized, then I know that the problem is with me and not the circumstances.
And so, I’ve been searching.What is wrong?What is wrong with me?Why can I not manage myself the way that I used to, regardless of what comes my way.I felt lost.I had lost something.I had lost faith in myself.
Now we’re getting somewhere.So, I lost faith in myself.How did that happen and why?How do I get it back?
I looked around…I love my husband; I love my kids; I love my family.My life is fine – there are bits that I’m working on and there are bits that I love.So, w…

Teething problems

We've moved a lot over the years, both with kids and without.  I don't mind it, really.  However, I always feel the tension when the first Summer and Winter rolls around.  I just don't know what these seasons will bring to our new abode.

And in this new place, Winter brought a corker!  Mould and condensation!  I have never had to deal with this before.  Mould now ranks up there with bugs - I can't stand it and it makes me crazy.  I don't know, I think it makes me feel dirty.

Anyway, it hasn't been all fertiliser.  There's been a few roses along the way.

A spot of knitting anyone?

How do you find settling into a new home?

A wee bit wonka

It's been a little bit about me lately (yeah!).  In the wee hours of the morning, it's amazing what can seem important at that time.  Early one morning, my new obsession took flight - makeup.

Now, I am pretty much a makeup virgin.  Really, honestly, I have never really gone the whole way with makeup.  I've been a bit of a tease.  A token application of foundation.  A swipe of mascara which would then wipe off onto my glasses and under my eyes.  A coloured lip that looked like I had raided my mothers makeup bag.

But, no more... I have decided to make the commitment.  And so I did, starting with foundation.

I've clued up on primers, stippling, flat-paddled brushes.  I researched mineral powders, illuminators and concealers.  I know it, baby.  But theory versus application - what a joke!

It's been over five years since I was colour matched for foundation.  Five years is pretty much a lifetime, especially considering that the last time I was colour matched was when I …

Ham Sanger, anyone?

Well, you'll have to go to someone else's house for that!  One of the best things about being a stay-at-home mom is that I get to experiment and indulge in the kitchen especially at lunch time when kinder is on.  During this time I don't have to worry about appeasing anybody's taste but mine.  And I do appease it often... and a lot...

If it's a success, it might see the dinner table that night (if there is enough of it left!).  Or it might make it's way into the family menu rotation.  Otherwise, it's just for me!!!

 Apple Kuchen with hot cream sauce

Oh right - I did say lunch, didn't I?  Here are some stuff that most people would say is more suitable for lunch.

How and when do you indulge yourself?

Happy Birthday Little Miss M

My gorgeous Little Miss M is another year older.  Happy birthday my little one!  And I am another year into this whole parenting thing.  Sometimes I wonder if I am regressing; sometimes I look at Little Miss M and wonder how awesome she is (yes awesome) despite having a drama for a mama; sometimes I wonder who is more mature.  But I am always captivated by Little Miss M's gorgeous smile, always so full of joy.  These little ones sure can teach us how to enjoy life!

So with limited energy but lots of love; and a non-operational oven - here's our creative birthday celebrations (yep - Little Miss M had 4 mini birthday parties!).

Please enjoy this snippet in our life!

Just another bored mommy blogger...

I was researching a book where it's origins was a blog that had become popular.  This seems to be a common path these days amongst the blogs that specifically focus on a certain topic.

I was reading the review of a book where it's origins had been an-obscure-blog-turned-popular and came across a scathing remark.  It was along the lines of ... another book and another blog from another bored mommy blogger.  And I thought - geez, that's me.  I might not have a book out (yet! :) hahaha) but my blog is just another in a long line of (bored, maybe) mommy bloggers.  And so I had yet another excuse to step away from the computer and from my blog.

But this is the thing about blogging, including bored mommy blogging.  It's a connection.  By frequenting other blogs, I get to connect with other people out there.  And I get to connect in a most efficient manner.  I don't need the small talk.  I don't need the oops-that-was-a-taboo-subject moments.  I don't need to be p…

Where there's a will there's a way

No oven?  No problem.
No egg?  Never mind.

Want scones!  Ok!

Stovetop scones are the bomb.  Originating from the Scottish poor lands, apparently as only the rich had ovens, these can be found in google under the search Stovetop Scones.  Awesome, I say.  A real contender for weekend scones.  And for anytime scones.

Just served fresh and hot with a pat of butter and a cup of tea - delish.
Warm with lightly whipped cream and homemade jam - divine.
Cooled with another pat of butter and jam and a cup of tea - noice.

It may have started as such, but this is no longer a recipe just because I don't have an oven.  This one is a keeper.

On another note... five years ago, as a thoughtful-new-mommy present from a thoughtful friend (how many people think of the mommy (or even the daddy) on the birth of a new baby?!?), I got this... a set of pj's.

I lived in these for the first five months of Little Miss M's life (well, this and the other two sets that my dear sis bought for me... anoth…

Confession Time

Thieves + chocoholics = terrible and horrible parents.

This is us... my Dear Husband and I.  Terrible and horrible parents.

Between the two of us, together and separately, we managed to clear out most of our children's Easter chocolate stash.  At one stage in Dear Husband's life, this sort of stash would have lasted almost a year.

I suppose the disturbed nights and the strict set-a-good-example-eating-habit-thing have led to us to this shameful point...

... Sneaking in chocolate treats behind pantry doors while supposedly looking for something healthy for the girls to eat.

... Breaking up a chocolate egg in front of the girls and giving them only a part of it.  And then shamefully finishing it off at night and breaking another egg so that they would not know that we had finished off the original egg.

... Catching a glimpse of a shiny glittery wrapper in the bin and accusing Dear Husband of indulging, when I was putting my own shiny glittery shameful wrapper in the bin.


Let's talk irony

So, you know that I have given birth to three kids now, right?  Well, in my books, the first priority during pregnancies and immediately after-birth is comfort.  More specifically, underwear comfort.  I mean, bloated bellies, expanding girths and extra-cushy buttocks all in the name of delivering healthy babies is the norm and is expected and should be celebrated.  Why should I punish myself during this glorious time with tight, ill-fitting, impractical, wedgie-inducing underwear?  No way, baby.  I'm going the full-bottomed cotton tails in practical white and black.

And ok... fair enough, it's been six months since I gave birth to my latest princess and I'm moving towards my pre-pregnancy weight.  So maybe I no longer need the belly-supporting, up-to-my-chest underwear.  But who has time to shop for underwear with 3 kids under 5?!?  Well, I don't! But apparently my Dear Husband has some time...

To be fair, while I'm the one that has to wear the underwear, he does hav…

How to sew a box (for my mommy)

Hey y'all ... this is a post mainly for my mom, but you may find it handy as well.

This is a tutorial on how to make a fabric box to cover another box.

1.)  Measure the box dimensions
Here - 9"wide(W) x 4.75"deep(D) x 4.25"high(H)

2.)  Add your seam allowances to the measurements.  I am using 1/4" seam allowances, so add 1/2" to all measurements (ie. 1/4" on both sides is 1/2" in total).  Get it?  Got it?  Good!
Here - 9.5"W x 5.25"D x 4.75"H

3.)  Iron your fabric and then cut your pieces.
Here -
Top (1 piece)  => 9.5W x 5.25D  (the beige colour)
Long Side (2 pieces) => 9.5W x 4.75H (the blue coloured ones)
Short Side (2 pieces) => 5.25D x 4.75W (the purple coloured ones)

4.)  Sew the 4 side pieces to the top.  So that it looks like the cross above but all sewn together.  This is where you need to really pay attention....
When you sew the side pieces to the top, do not sew in the seam allowances.  In other words, as my se…