Friday, October 19, 2012

A Whirlwind Wait

Phew - it's been a whirlwind past couple of weeks.  While I should be resting and relaxing and nesting, it's actually been go-go-go!  And every night passes that I ask the little one to just wait one more day while I get this "last" thing organised.

Dear Husband had his wisdom teeth taken out.  I nearly cried when they wheeled him out of the hospital to the car (standard operating procedure).  He looked so.... operated on.  That was a couple of weeks recovery time.

Then we bought a new car (to fit the third car seat).

Then we sold our old car.

Then we bid on an apartment (and was successful!)

Then we organised financing and settlement.

As you can see, little bubs has been very patient.  She had dropped a couple of weeks ago, but then decided if she was going to wait then she would wait a little higher up probably where it is more comfortable (for both of us!).

In amongst all that, I've been trying to "nest".  But, I have to say that nesting and crafting really don't go hand-in-hand!  Especially when I've been using the bassinet as crafting storage for the past year.  Oh - where am I going to put all of the work-in-progress projects if not the bassinet?!?

Hmmm.... maybe I should try finishing them!

And so I present the first UFO now F!!! ("UnFinished Object now Finished" for those of you not up with the cra-lingo.)

It's the wristlet bag from You Sew Girl's book.

I'm working my way through the bags in the book.  The book is laid out so that each project builds on the techniques of the previous project.

And it's written in such an engaging way that it makes me want to sew!

Yep - sewing just to sew.

Seriously, I have no use for this bag!  I love the material - the outside is like a textured linen type thing.  And I love the style and shape - it just sits comfortably in your hand if you are holding it or dangles nicely from your wrist.  And the gorgeous button from Buttonmania...!

But I really don't need this bag... you want it?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hey there!!  Are you still around?  I've been MIA lately (sorry!)... but now with lots of updates and ready to rock 'n' roll in the blogosphere.

Let's see... where to start?

So it's been a BUSY 4-5 months.  I started back at work in a new role; Dear Husband started a new role with a new company; Baby Mac started in daycare.  It would seem that Little Miss M was the only one cruisin'.

Add to this the effort of keeping house and home.... it's been exhausting.

Unfortunately, this has meant that all crafting projects had to be put on hold.  Save for one - this project was determined to meander along, demanding sometimes a lot and sometimes a little of me every day.

Yep - another little one on the way.  *sigh*  It seems like only yesteryear that Baby Mac blessed us with her arrival.  Actually it was only yesteryear!!

Uh-huh - after 6 home pregnancy tests over the space of 2 months when Baby Mac was only 8 months old, we finally accepted that we were pregnant again.  After years of trying for the first one and then the second one, this little third one decided to buck all odds.  I have a feeling that that will be the story of this bubba's life!

So... the pic above is our family unit, with the third one baking nicely along at 36 weeks.  Not long now.

The girls are growing up quickly (too quickly!) and are becoming friends as well as sisters.

I have finished working for now - as in paid employment :) - and that was demanding, fun and fulfilling while it lasted.  It was actually hard to leave this time round... hmmm, it usually is hard for me to leave work... but now that I've spent a few days at home by myself, I'm glad that I no longer have conflicting priorities and can concentrate on my family and myself for now.

There was one dear friend at work who was so supportive and encouraging while I got to grips with my new (albeit short-lived) role that I wanted to make something special for her as an expression of my thanks.

Thanks JR, for the laughs, the big ideas, the little gestures of caring, and for just always being there.  It's been a while since I had plugged in the sewing machine, so excuse the crazy wonky sewing!  But, in the wee hours of the morning, I made it for you... with love.  Thanks again, JR!!!!

So, we've got a lot to catch up on....  But for now - take care!