Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Best Gift

I think the best gift I have ever given to my sis is the scarf I knitted for her (at her request).  

Why is this the best gift?  Two reasons...
a.) It's a pretty awesome scarf (she says proudly as she pats herself on the back literally and figuratively).  And
b.) My ever-so-talented sis took up knitting because of it (or so I would like to think.  She did start AFTER I gave her this).

Anyways, I have already been the recipient of one of her gorgeous creations and now Little Miss M has an original Tita J creation as well.  Check out what my talented sis from across the oceans created with her magical knitting needles...

Wait a minute - what's this?

A little summtin' summtin' that took this beauty to extra special...

Thanks Tita J!!!

And, there was another little surprise in the parcel that my sis sent, made by a talented blogger that I "met" through blogland.  Hi Irina - Look what we've got!!!


1 comment:

  1. Oh got it! I was so excited when your sister came to meet me at the fair...she was actually the first person to buys something (big) and I loved the idea that something that I've made will end up all the way in Australia...I am so meeting your sis for some knitting the jumper for your little one...