Monday, September 26, 2011

Show some empathy

I'm a real killjoy when it comes to the Royal Melbourne Show.  It's just not my cup of tea.  I'm thinking it's been a couple of decades (nothing makes you feel older than this word, eh?), yep DECADES I'm sure, since I've been to the show. 

It's expensive and there's nowhere to sit in the shade and it's expensive and it smells and it's pretty expensive (have I already said that?) especially when the only thing I want to do there is ride on the dodgem cars.  

So, I'm the last person you would want with you at the show.  I am an RMS scrooge.

Well, this year Little Miss M is heading off to the show with her dad and her grandma.  "Would you like to go to the show this year, love?" asks Dear Husband as he is purchasing the tickets online.

"No thanks" I reply without missing a beat.  And then I start muttering to myself about how expensive it is, and how I really don't like the show, and how they probably wouldn't have any fun if I was around.

"Did you say something?"  asks Dear Husband.

"No" I reply fakely serenely.  And then continue muttering to myself.

"Are you angry at me for something?" asks Dear Husband.

"No" I reply fakely serenely again.  And then continue muttering to myself.  The show can really get to me sometimes.

And then my Dear Husband says, "You know, just because your brother lost five dollars at the Show one time, doesn't mean that it's a bad thing to go to."

EXCUSE ME?!?  "Just because...."  
HELLO, let me tell you about that "Just because" moment, mister.  (Oh yeah, did I tell you that I have some terrible, and I mean terrible, childhood memories of the show?)

Not only did my brother lose five dollars at the show, but someone stole a wig from my little sis.  A cool sparkly wig.  RIGHT. OFF. HER. HEAD.  Uh-huh, that's right - snatched it straight off her head.

I have a vague memory of seeing some guy with a gleeful look on his face running away from some pavillion with a sparkly wig in his hand.  And then my hysterical sis and my furious mom running out of the pavillion looking around wildly for the degenerate that would steal from a little girl.

And then my brother dejectedly announces that he lost his five dollars in all the commotion.   

I don't remember my mother's exact reaction to that bit of news, but I think we lost a year's worth of savings at that show.  Maybe even 2 years worth of savings.  Maybe even more, maybe even close to today's equivalent of a million dollars.  Yep, she was pretty pissed off, my mom.  We left the show and I don't think I've ever been back.

"Just because..."  Show some empathy, please! 

Anyways, what are these scrumptious pictures of?  Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread!

I gave this recipe a go and WOW!!  I love it!!  And my family loves it!  It's easy, it's yummy and it screams of home-baked goodness!!

It's soft and buttery and cinnamon-y aka perfect.

And you pull it apart in sheets!  How cool is that?  Joy the Baker says "Bread Heaven".  "Ditto", I say, "and pure genius."

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, save for slightly reducing the sugar.  

Go on, try it.  It's divine!

For more baking inspirations, check out A Spoonful of Sugar Designs 


  1. Your cinnamon bread looks divine!! Must try this one next week over the school holidays.

    The Perth Royal Show starts next weekend - I have only been once in the past 20 years :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. oh, MY, definitely my kinda bread! thanks for sharing...and giving me a good chuckle!

  3. I popped over from Spoon Full Of Sugar...your cinnamony pull apart looks completely delicious! And if it makes you feel any better, I only went to the Brissy Royal Show this year for the first time in 20 years at least! And only because my little girl got invited to a friend's birthday outing there...I was a little paranoid she'd get lost in the crowds so there wasn't any way I was letting her go without me! But I TOTALLY get your show-sentiments. Plus, IT'S EXPENSIVE! Oh, hang on, you already said that...

  4. @Aspoonfulofsugar - thanks! The cinnamon bread tastes as good as it looks. And it's pretty much a no-fail recipes. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't been to the show for decades!
    @Dmarie - hehe - so far it's been alot of people's kinda bread, if the reaction I've been getting is anything to go by!
    @Lillabilly - a birthday at the Show?! That sounds like one of my worst nightmares! I hope your first trip back to the show was filled with nicer memories than my last trip!