Saturday, September 10, 2011


When I was young and single, I liked to "tart" it up.  I would walk out of the house in clothing that was mainly lycra and spandex.  I had no concept of "too short", "too tight" or "too bare".  My style back then could be considered on this side of "trash" (and sometimes crossing into it) and would be held safe by a cute smile and a bubbly personality.

These days, as a mother to two little girls, my dress code is pretty much comfort which, by default, is conservative and respectable.  With the youngest being just over three months old, my dress code is whatever is clean and I cycle through the same three outfits that I know hides any of the unexpected various explosions that comes out of a young baby.

One thing for sure, younger or older, mother or single, I don't think I have ever been capable of pulling off "stylish".

Anyways, once in a while these days, I rebel against the conservatism of my aging dress code.  I have donated most of tarty outfits, but have hung on to a couple of pieces.  Unfortunately not enough to pull together a full outfit.  So I end up mixing tart with comfort - a very confusing look.

Well, three months after giving birth and how ever many months prior of waddling around and throwing on whatever can fit around an expanding belly, I had one of those rebellious moments.  I pulled on one of those confused tarty/comfort outfits.  I don't have a full length mirror so I'm prancing about the house with a vision in my head of what I look like - and it's pretty good.  I'm about to head out of the door with the family when I turn to my Dear Husband and in a cheeky-full-of-myself voice say "so, what do you think of my outfit?".

"Dear" Husband (yeah - notice the rabbit ears) pulls that cringe-slash-wince-while-shaking-head look and says "But, it's good to see you trying, love."

WHAT?!?  Two things wrong with this...
a.) "It's good to see you trying."?!? and
b.)  You were going to let me walk out of the house wearing THIS while you were thinking THAT?

*sigh* needless to say, my rebellious moment has passed.

So, I'm back into my comfortest of comfort clothes, which some might call my pjs and I've hung around home to make this.  It may not make me look any better, but it sure does make me forget about dress codes.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend with your loved ones!

PS.  This was made using this fabulous tutorial.

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  1. Oh your post made me laugh..I know exactly what you mean. I have been living in Converses and jeans for the past three years, and the other day I had a manicure ( NOT a monthly feature, only a gift voucher for my birthday) and when asked what colour I wanted, I said green to match the park. It went quiet and I got green (which was a very light colour and actually lovely) but it kind of hit me that the girl I once knew is now a mum and that comes with…let’s say… loss of glam.
    Although living in London I could have gotten away with wearing anything anywhere, even in the park but here in Germany there is a certain stereotype to follow… I am not really a follower (unless it’s a blog) but I guess it is fine sometimes to just get lost in the crowd.
    Love the baskets, they turned out great…thanks for the link to the tutorial…it is always nice to discover new blogs.