Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just in Time

Finished!  I finally finished Little Miss M's winter jumper!  And just one week short of the end of winter - hahaha!!

This is a wonderful pattern.  Even though it took me just under 3 months to finish it, this is a very easy pattern (I think I would rate myself as an advanced beginner knitter).  It was my mistakes and lack of energy that made it a longer project than it needed to be.  I am so happy with the results - I love the look, the fit, the yarn, the colors.  I'll have to make sure that I do the Fair Isle a bit looser next time - it was the first time that I had tried knitting Fair Isle.  (Don't be scared - it's easy!)

Would I recommend this pattern?  Definitely!  
 - For a beginner because it's such an easy pattern to knit up and 
 - for anyone else that likes the look of the jumper and
 - for those of you who have a sweet little girl like mine who, upon seeing the completed jumper on herself, threw her sweet little arms around my neck and exclaimed "I'm so proud of you mama!".  I'll knit up a hundred more of these jumpers for that reaction alone.

Some details :-
 - it is 99.99% a seamless knitted pattern.  I had to do some sewing to attach the bottom of the collar to the jumper.
 - this is a size 4T.  And I used about 200g of yarn.
 - the yarn is by Jo Sharp - the silk road tweed, where I used only two colors.  The pattern allows for three colours.
 - the yarn is not smooth, more rough and rugged.  Not at all scratchy.  It does pill a bit, but the colorway hides that, again because it's not a smooth even color. 
 - I was able to test the sizing on Little Miss M as I went along.  The pattern calls for knitting the body first starting from the neck, so I was able to test for ease about half way through the Fair Isle and I was able to test for length before starting the ribbing at the bottom.  And then the arms are knitted up, so I was also able to test for the length of the arms (and how it looked against the body).
 - the neckline is very stretchy yet a close fit, so cast on very loosely.  I find this style to be very good on those windy days.
 - the pattern is written for 18 months up to 10 years old.  I purchased the pattern from Ravelry and think this range makes it a very good investment pattern.
And, I leave you with a paparazzi picture of Little Miss M and her latest fashion accessory - an adoring dad to carry all of her little Night Garden friends.


  1. What a nice jumper...I would love to make one for my little one...hmm, three months you say, maybe I should buy some yarn this weekend and start...should be done in time for Christmas:-) Also must get some knitting tips from your lovely sis!

  2. Oh, forgot to say that the photos are lovely! The jumper seems to match the purple blossoms in the background perfectly! You can call it a spring jumper :-)