Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monkey See; Monkey Do

I was just monkeying around the kitchen...

I had some dough leftover from baking dinner rolls and cinnamon buns (yeah - it was alot of dough!) and I had seen this idea from the Pioneer Woman previously.  Cinnamon, butter, sugar and a dash of sweetened condensed milk - yes please!!!  Ok, so maybe, just maybe, I accidentally on purpose put some dough aside just so I could indulge in this .... well, indulgence.

And what an indulgence - worse still, an easy indulgence as I already had the dough.  Caramelised cinnamon sugar with a bit of bread covered with sweetened condensed milk.  I don't think I really need to say more.

And, in honour of Father's Day, we had special "WE heart DADDY" pancakes... ok ok - I ran out of time, energy and ideas this year.  (Note to self - try harder next year!)

Don't mock the banana - at $12.99/kg this is a real treat.  Unfortunately Daddy was too slow and Little Miss M took it and ate it.  It might be Father's Day, but "you snooze you lose" still applies.

 And, Baby Mac was very patient throughout this whole photo taking session.  She tried to object - this was way too cheesy - but in the end she just sighed and put up with it.

What is this?


Take it off... PLEASE.

Fine, just take the damn photo.  I hope none of my friends see this.
 I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are all refreshed for the week ahead!!


  1. Oh wow, someone’s had fun in the kitchen! I love the letter pancakes…very sweet idea…I wonder if it was hard to make? The monkey muffins look yummy…I have seen the recipe before but got a bit sceptical about it…now that it has been tried maybe I’ll give it a go too. Have a nice week!

  2. Your cinnamon and condensed milk treats look amazing! Love the fun Fathers Day pics. Very cute.

  3. oh, yum!! Pretty sure my monkey bread is one of the reasons my hubby proposed! (sadly, I haven't made it in years, so thanks for this post!)

  4. I followed your link to the Pioneer woman, from there to a recipe for Monkey bread - very similar to this and guess what - made it twice at the weekend! Needless to say my husband was very pleased. Isn't it strange that the first time always turns out better than the second least in my experience :-)