Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today - I'm thankful for my ever-talented, extremely determined younger sister.

Remember this mess?  

Well, it has been a bedside project because I couldn't be bothered re-winding the yarn.  The problem with bedside projects is that I tend to want to go to sleep when I am in bed (yeah - go figure).

Anyways, I was inspired by my sister's effort to pick this up and get moving again.  So, sleep be damned, I'm going to finish this.  

I'm still not sure how I feel when, after I had finally gotten through all of the yarn that I ripped back, I find that I have nearly finished the body.  What a HUGE mistake!!  I ripped back to the neckline!  I really don't know how I knitted so much and not questioned how the garment was shaping up.

At least now, it's no longer a bedside project.  And this is where babywearing + fussy baby + knitting = productivity!!

Will I finish this winter jumper before the end of this winter??

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