Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Go on... give it a go

I find it funny how the concept of the computer and the internet should be and can be impersonal, non-social and isolated but that it can also foster a sense of community and kind of "human-ness".  I mean, I can look at pretty pictures and long for what I see on the screen, but it's the human-ness and community that inspires me and tells me to "give it a go".

So, I came across some blog posts and were inspired to "give them a go".  And I'm so glad I did!!!

The soft ball inspiration came from browsing around sewandthecity blog (thanks for the inspiration!!).  I see these soft balls in every baby store.  I pick them up and have a bit of a play.  And, in agreement with the manufacturers spiel, think it's not a bad toy for a little one - teaches textures, encourages eye-hand coordination etc etc etc.  But did I ever think I could MAKE one?!?  Not until now - and so I gave it a go.

I'm pretty chuffed about this one and I can see a couple more being made for a couple more little ones.

I need to add more ribbons (!), stuff it a bit more and practice a bit more on the "north and south poles".

And I put a small bell inside with the stuffing, but I only have a VERY LIMITED supply of the bells before I have to actually buy some.  How many more bells do you think I can steal from Little Miss M before she notices?

What has inspired you to "give it a go"?


  1. Hi, your ball looks lovely, and I really like the embroidered name! I tried a canister but somehow the sound gets muffled. What I think would work well are the a few canisters ( or some dried rice) inside the little yellow box form a Kinder Chocolate Egg ( a good reason to eat one :-).I will be posting a little tutorial (possibly next week after the fair) for a very easy fabric boat soft toy, so check it out if you like.

  2. Kinder surprise egg - that's a great idea! And I look forward to the soft boat toy. Always on the look out for "boy" toys. Thanks and good luck at the fair!!!