Sunday, August 7, 2011

What is Karma?

I would not call myself a fussy eater.  I love food.  I love new tastes; experiencing worldwide influences; trying new restaurants, new cuisines, new dishes.  I love food in it's simplest form and also complex dishes with those hints of this and undertones of that.  I love food.

Admittedly, my tastes are still developing.  Having gestational diabetes introduced me to "fruit" to curb my sweet cravings instead of just turning to chocolate (yeah - fruit, who da thought?).

And while I enjoy a variety of exotic vegetable dishes during a meal out, my vegetable cooking repertoire was pretty limited to broccoli and beans and just microwaved at that!

Now, again due to the gestational diabetes and Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals, I am exploring all types of vegies and new ways to cook them.  Even the broccoli has gotten a make over (mind you, I still like my microwaved broccoli).

 That's a raw prawn!  And I loved it!

But, wowser, I was a fussy eater as a kid.  I'm not sure if I had fussy tastes, or was a slow eater, or I just didn't like eating, but I was a trial to my parents at the dinner table.

Surely not this little cutie, you're thinking :)

I remember, while no-one was looking (probably because they had long finished their meal and had left the table), throwing bits of food behind the refrigerator.  And back when refrigerators had exposed coils - it's a wonder our kitchen didn't burn down.

Side note - have you ever wondered how we got from refrigerator (with no "d") to fridge (with a "d")?

I remember opening my school bag for lunch only to find last night's unfinished dinner, still on it's plate with spoon and fork, covered in cling wrap tucked neatly between my books.  (And no, I didn't believe in leftovers for lunch back then.  Plus there was no microwave oven at my primary school back then.  I won't tell you how accessible microwave ovens were to the common household when I was in primary school as that would be showing my age!!!)

I remember a weeks worth of mouldy sandwiches stinking out the bottom of my bag.  (I don't think you can completely blame me on this one... I once got a cheese and lettuce sandwich for lunch.  I took a bite and thought the lettuce was a bit crunchy.  I took another bite and thought the lettuce was crunchy and tough to bite through.  I took a closer look at my sandwich only to find that the cheese slice had not been taken out of its plastic covering.  And there was no lettuce.)

And I remember sitting at the dinner table, everyone had long gone and probably in bed, and me falling asleep right there, at the table, with food still in my mouth.

Well, here is Little Miss M.  What do you think Karma is?

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  1. Now you probably know how your parents felt when they had to struggle with a fussy eater. I can’t really remember too much, just remember that I wholeheartedly hated parsley – it was part of every salad than. Well as a child I was a bit stubborn, and guess what I see some times in my daughter, yep you guessed it :-)
    I met your lovely sister on Saturday at the craft fair in Frankfurt. The coincidence of her actually living here and me following your blog, from miles away was so cool! She is lovely and I would be contacting her to get some tips on knitting over a cup of coffee.