Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's Treat : Shanghai Street Dumpling House

342 Little Bourke St

Upon the recommendation of jetsettingjoyce, I decided to treat myself to some dumplings for lunch one day.  The day was stinking hot, the location was a not-so-short-walk-but-too-short-for-a-tram away, but I was determined.  And my determination and brief walk paid off.  

Seated alone by the window bar, I ordered the mini fried buns and boiled pork dumplings.  The view was essential Melbourne with old buildings towered by new (ish, anyway), and small non-descript laneways hiding a treasure trove of glorious food and eclectic shops.

 Shanghai Street Dumpling House is a small diner-like eatery like many other Asian eateries around Melbourne.  Limited seating is available, but the turn around of customers was quick from what I could observe, so the wait did not seem long for a table.  Service is fast and efficient.  Cash only.  Really – a no fuss place.  The focus is on the food.

And so it should be…

The mini fried buns were divine.  A lovely slightly chewy wrapping that was steamed on top and crispy fried on the bottom, housing a yummy meat parcel inside and, it can be a bit of a surprise, a gloriously yummy soup.  Yes, soup.  Inside.  Yum.  Be careful as the soup can spurt out, or be a surprising burn on your tongue if you haven’t waited long enough.

The boiled pork dumplings were of a good sort.  I’ve had some at other places that were definitely better, but this was not a disappointment.  Teamed with the readily available vinegar sauce, this was as I expected.   Scrumptious and a pleasure to eat.

The city is bursting with life at the moment.  With many restaurants and eateries and all kinds of food available, it may be a while before I frequent Shanghai Street Dumpling House again.  But then again, with those mini fried buns so tempting, I may be back sooner rather than later.

My one advise when dining at Shanghai Street Dumpling House, use the spoon!

*sheepishly* ok... ok... I did finish off this gluttonous lunch with a brief walk up the street to the Dessert House to slurp up a mango and pomelo with sago in coconut milk dessert.  Perfect!


  1. Hahaha!! You ate all that?! And on a scorching day too! Hahahah (shakes head...)

  2. I know! My first lunch out and I couldn't be deterred. I had to doggie bag 4 pieces. They were scoffed down as soon as I came home and C said that he wasn't hungry. He tried to change his mind, but I was already swallowing the last piece :)