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Happy Birthday To .... Everyone!

Hi everyone!  And if you've had a birthday sometime last year (hehehe!!!), then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It's been a homemade/handmade birthday theme this past year.  As much as possible, I have tried to give handmade gifts or contributed to a party as my present.  What I am most pleased about is that I have tried to use, as much as possible, the supplies that I already have on hand.

Here's a snapshot of some of the gifts given this past year...

Handmade notebooks with pen and paper (the paper was sometimes printed with Made By ... ).  This is, proudly, my own creation.

Fabric Balloon balls for the little ones (again, my own creation!)...

A variety of cakes (including a Yoda cake!! Yeah - for once my failed icing colouring actually comes in good!).  This was made by searching for heaps and heaps of images on the internet and trying to sculpt accordingly.  Dear Husband made for an awesome critic (in this instance) - "It's Yoda.  It had better be good, otherwise just forget about it and bring a round iced chocolate cake."

Word to the wise - I made my own fondant using marshmallows.  Awesome stuff, but it's MESSY!!!  I tried to take photos of the process, but it was like the blob and was going to take over my dining area if I let it go to take photos.

My little pet shop cake...

And this contribution to a little girls party (as suggested by Little Miss M after watching an episode of Peppa Pig... so who says that TV is useless?) - a ribbon piñata!  I think this will be making an appearance again at one of my little ones' birthday celebration.

The cutest bag I have made so far (courtesy of my favourite bag designer).  I think I will probably need to make one for myself.  I might try a "grown up" material, but gosh yellow sure does make me smile!  And again, I cannot rave on enough about this designer and her bag patterns.  In this instance, her pattern encouraged me to try some embellishments (the flower was eventually attached to the bag) and to use boning in the handle.  ** sigh ** so many bag patterns, so little time!!

I think I had better start on the birthday presents for this year.  I have a feeling my little ones will be demanding this year - for themselves as well as for the birthdays they will be invited to.


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