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Merry Christmas!! (About a month later)

I love Christmas.  I didn’t use to but now I do.  I’m sure it has something to do with having kids.

These days, amongst the food and family and presents, Christmas and New Year seems to trigger the “look at my life” syndrome.  And part of this is this need in me to let my friends know, both those that I see on a regular basis and those that I see infrequently, that I am thinking of them.

So, I make Christmas presents.  And this year, thanks to an inspiration by my sis a couple of years ago, I made some origami cranes in glass baubles.

If you’re saying “oh, that’s nice”, well it wasn’t quite the reaction I was going for.  But if you’re saying “pretty, but how in heavens (or some other similar exclamation) did she get the crane in there?”.  Then that was the reaction I was going for.

I think these could do with some jazzing up, but with a heartfelt note and some pretty wrapping, it more than serves my purpose.

To my dearest friends and my lovely readers – I’m thinking of you!

Tips :

In order to make something similar, I would suggest the following…
1.)   Choose your paper wisely.  I chose a Japanese Chiyogami paper.  I found that this does not show unintentional creases.  And that it creases quite well when using the appropriate tools.
2.)   If you can, use a bone folder.  I found that this does not rub the paper when making the creases and makes a very crisp crease.
3.)   Employ some bamboo skewer sticks to manipulate the crane in the glass bauble.
4.)   I made the crane in it’s entirety and then undid the last couple of steps.  Then I stuffed the crane into the glass bauble and manipulated it back to shape using the bamboo skewers.

If you want to give this a go, I hope these tips help!!


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