Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mission Statement

Hey everyone!  I’ve been thinking about my blog and what it is that inspires me to blog. 

And here’s the deal… I like to write; I like to have an outlet for my thoughts (especially since I have a lot of them – like keeping track of where the number plates are up to and what ever happened to the series of number plates starting with G, H, I, J, K and L and maybe M but I’m not so sure about that one and yes, it’s just another rambling thought).

Eh, excuse me, back on topic.

Oh yeah, and I like to think that my thoughts and activities might be of use to someone some time somewhere.  Maybe even of use to me at a later date if I’m in need of inspiration.

I originally started to blog, amongst other reasons, to document my journey into the crafts.  And now, I’ve started to view crafting as an extension to how I view my life and how I want to live at this point in our life.  So, I’m changing the focus of my blog and I hope that you can come along this journey with me.

Simplify; create; beautify.  Enjoy.

Simplify my life
Simplify my needs
Simplify my thoughts
Create stuff
Create health
Beautify our lives
Beautify one self
Beautify our home
And then, along the way, enjoy – enjoy the process, enjoy the results.

 Thanks for dropping by!!!

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