Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I love about "Flakes"

As in Cadbury's Chocolate Flake.

I can get pretty snobby, or shall we say particular, about chocolate.  I look for single origin chocolate.

I love gourmet chocolate shops, such as Sisko.  And seriously, with the chocolate from Sisko, one piece of chocolate orb, such as their Fleur De Sel, is so satisfying that I am happy with one piece.  Not because it is so rich, or so sweet, or so anything except so divine that you have no choice/want/need/inclination but to savour it and it alone.  I will not eat this chocolate anywhere except on my own and with no distractions for at least 10 minutes on either side of consumption.  The perfect treat after that 2am feed.

This is opposed to a BLOCK of Cadbury's that I can devour in one sitting (and still appreciate it, of course) on the go, in the car, while I'm walking quickly to a screaming baby demanding her next feed.  It's an anywhere chocolate.

So, while I can be particular about chocolate, I still crave the basic, common Cadbury's or Nestle chocolate.  In this instance Cadbury's Flake.

Cadbury's Flake, for all intents and purposes, is actually a very good chocolate.  Unlike other "common" chocolate , Flake has to go through a more intense conching process to achieve the ultra smooth chocolate that forms the ribbons that make up the Flake.  (As I was told during my chocoholics tour.)  When I want a sweet milk chocolate, I will look for the Flake.

However, there are some instances when Flake will just not do.

- In the dark, at those 2am feeds, on white bedsheets.
- In a moving car, with light colored pants.
- Whilst sewing, especially with light colored fabrics.
- Whilst holding a wriggly baby.
- Next to a jumping toddler on a light colored or any fabric sofa actually.  Particularly if it's not ours. (That's both the sofa and the toddler.)
- Basically at any point where you don't have your own two hands at your complete disposal.

Otherwise, it's perfect with that afternoon cup of tea and the fancy cheese and crackers.  Go on - I know you want one.

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