Sunday, July 17, 2011

Could this be the reason?

That Baby M was 4 weeks early...?

On the evening that my waters broke, I was working on this little blanket.  No - my waters did not break onto the blanket, this was my evening work and the waters happened closer to midnight :)

But, I was on my hands and knees working on this in the evening.  Apparently, being on your hands and knees is a good way to get the baby into an ideal birthing position.  Old wives tale says to mop the floor on your hands and knees while you are pregnant.  I think this is an old HUSBANDS tale - a way to keep the little woman working even if she is 8 months heavily pregnant!!!  Hahaha - what do you think?

Anyways, Happy Birthday Master J!  I hope you and your momma find lots of cuddles under the blanket while you read books together.

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