Monday, June 27, 2011

What to do with a newborn baby

I have a newborn baby at home, plus a Dear Husband (currently on leave) and a willful toddler.  We are all adjusting to the changes that having a newborn baby brings - which are changes that are changing all the time!!

In the meanwhile, it's also the season of birthdays amongst Little Miss M's friends.  I love this concept - "Little Miss M's friends" - they're actually my friends that have kids and we use birthdays as an excuse to have a party and pig out.  Little Miss M is just starting to play and acknowledge other children as her friends.  Luckily, she has acknowledged my friends' children as her friends now.

Anyway, we've been busy sewing up a few "reading" blankets.  And, of course, they must have their names on it. What's a reading blanket?  Just a lap blanket to use while reading a book or lazing in front of the television.  These ones are made from a luxurious flannel on one side, cotton batting in the middle and a soft cotton on the other.

I'm pretty pleased with my "mitered corners"

And Little Miss M scored a blanket as well

It's my first attempt at these blankets and it's a kinda step into the quilting world.  I'm still deciding if I like the quilted look.

And what post would be complete without a few photos of my new baby?  Look how much weight she has put on.

And here's a couple of photos of my two babies...  Little Miss M at 2 days old and Baby M at 2 weeks old.  Sisters for sure!

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