Thursday, June 2, 2011

For my Little Miss M

I've been plagued with guilt of late.  I seem to have made a lot of things for other people and not much for my little girl.  So, armed with some time off, I've got a list of things to make for my Little Miss M.  

Seriously, while my homemade/handmade gifts have been well received and the recipients have been profuse with their appreciation (hence why I keep making stuff for them), there is nothing that can compare to my Little Miss M's loving thanks complete with hugs and kisses and declarations of how much she loves the things that I make her.  And the ongoing appreciation when she says she wants to wear that <insert garment here> that Mama made.  Makes me melt on the inside.

Little Miss M also does that with the clothes that her Lola has made for her.  Saying that she would like to wear "Lola's pants" and even going so far as one afternoon asking to call her Lola so that she can say thank you for the pants.  And this is months after she has received the pants.

I am loving this age - it is glorious and (I didn't think it possible but) I fall in love with my Little Miss M more and more every day.  So back to the knitting, sewing, balloon twisting, baking so that I can continue to please my little girl and earn those loving looks.

Here are a couple of completed items so far.

 A little scarfette for those cold days

My first attempt at sewing with stretch knit... and those are Lola's pants - made from Lola's own pants that had worn out in some places, but not in others.  Isn't my mom clever?

So that Number 2 sewing Creative Commitment for 2011 and Number 1 knitting Creative Commitment for 2011!!!!  I have made a couple of other knitted garments, but I forgot to take photos of them.

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