Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waiting, waiting

A long story short...

On Sunday we delivered a beautiful baby girl.  A truly unbelievable labour as in "too easy!!!"  However, to make up for the easy labour and also the fact that Baby M was premature and not fully cooked, she went to the Special Care Nursery and into an incubator.  We did manage a good cuddle before Baby M was whisked off.

The following days were quite surreal.  I had given birth, but where was the baby, the nappy changes, the feeding, the sleepless nights, the newborn cuddles?  The good with the bad, really.  I had the best sleep that I have had in ages (since the pregnancy started!).  I skipped that tar-like poo clean up.  But I had no baby to hold - and did Baby M know me?  Could she know me through the touch of my hands alone?

And so, it was a waiting game.  Baby M was there with us and we were there with her, just not together with that plastic bubble around her.  A bit of a slow start, but she started to thrive under the nurses' care (they were fantastic!) and we could eventually hold her for minutes at a time.

And we were soon able to become active carers while Baby M stayed in the Special Care Nursery.

The waiting game continues.  I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and spent a lovely day with my Dear Husband organising stuff.  I had a cuddly evening at home with Little Miss M (who has been an angel through all the changes).  But alas, the bassinet is still empty.

But it's only a waiting game.  Just a matter of time before Baby M comes home.  That's all.  She is healthy and just needs a bit of help at the moment to stay that way.

So off to the hospital during the day for the next few days.  Good thing I've got my knitting to keep me occupied, eh?

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