Monday, June 20, 2011

And now the fun begins

Just a short note - Baby M is home!!!  She was given the all clear and came home one sunny (slightly chilly) morning.  And what a homecoming - she slept.  She slept so much that I was able to make a quilt cover for Little Miss M (picture to follow in a different post).

Of course - overnight was a different story and I got to know Baby M very well in the wee hours of the morning!

I have to say, my little girl - Little Miss M - has been a real trooper through this whole experience.  I'm sure she is going through an emotional roller coaster ride at the moment, but she is trying REALLY HARD to be a good girl and a great big sister.  Even at her worst so far, Little Miss M is coping well.

I'm so proud of you, Little Miss M!  I can't begin to imagine what is going on in that sweet mind of yours, but you're doing really well with all the changes.  I couldn't ask any more from you.

Times are a-changin', aren't they?  I am struggling to find a good balance between getting to know Baby M and ensuring Little Miss M is not missing out on anything (food, attention, clean underwear).  I feel guilty enough thinking this, so please don't shoot me for writing this, but, as I struggle, I do miss the "three of us" family.  It was just a lot easier.  I remember having the luxury of giving Little Miss M all of my attention when she was just a newborn.  And I feel like I'm missing out on Little Miss M at this glorious age.  I know there will come a time that I can enjoy both of my girls equally (and with energy), but right now I feel like I am sacrificing one for the other.  ** sigh **

Oh yes - and I'm stressing about not having a camera as it is currently out for a service.  It's all about timing... I was supposed to have a few more weeks!!!  So there is a distinct lack of photos at the moment.

Enough of that - I have my two girls with me now (and my Dear Husband) - and that is a blessing in itself.  Welcome Home, Baby M!!!

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