Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Hump" Day already?

As in Wednesday Hump Day! 

A couple of disastrous parenting nights, overly busy work days and a stuffy congested head makes the weekend just been seem so far away.  It was such a lovely weekend; let's hope the rest of the week is better and the last two days was just a hiccup.

Thanks for a lovely visit, N!  I cut you out of one of the photos as I never asked if I could post your ass on the internet :)

Not too bad on the crafting side of things as well.  Dear Dad got to practice some more screen printing and Little Miss M got a newly printed t-shirt.  

 Do you remember the time when your parents could do anything?  I still think so - a few decades old; married with kid and I still ask my dad to come over and fix this-and-that and add shelves over here.  Love you Pa!

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