Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hammers and Sewing Machines?

"That's a bit whacky" as my little one would say.  

But not so much if you're into craft and art.  I think I've spent more time in Bunnings looking for the most appropriate tool for my craft stuff than for any household repairs.  I mean, why wouldn't you use hand weights as a hammer to put together that Ikea shelving?  But there is no substitute for a hammer when it comes to crimping your purse frame.

I spent a lovely few hours with some very talented ladies and one especially talented and sharing - by way of a sewing workshop.  6 eager students and 1 wonderful instructor = 5 crisp, professional-looking, hand-made framed purses/clutch bags plus 1 not-so-professional-looking one (while my finishes were not bad, my fabric was cut crookedly on the fabric pattern - doh!).

Here's my make and take... now I've just got learn to cut straight and sew on the line.

That's Creative Commitment Sewing number 1 for October 2010.

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