Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bubblegum Vest

A lovely (and EASY) pattern from Tikki - the Milo Vest.  Unlike my other knitting project, this was a breeze and completed (minus the blocking) in under 2 weeks!  The yarn was not anywhere near as delicate, so I was able to stick the ball under my arm and knit while standing on a train, waiting at the lights, watching Little Miss M in the park etc etc etc...

Little Miss M seems to like it.  Her other vest (store-bought) had a front opening with a zipper that annoyed her to no end.

*Sigh* Oh the feeling of accomplishment.  *Sigh*

I'll post an action shot later (one that shows off Little Miss M's lovely two-year old belly :) )

So that's Creative Commitment Knitting number 2 for 2010 done.

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