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Tuesday's Treat : Koko Black

Sedate, elegant, dark and comforting, Koko Black has been a favourite chocolate haunt of mine from the time I had discovered it.

I am and I’m not a chocolate snob.  I love the creamy smoothness of Sisko orbs and the crisp crunchy bites of Ganache’s chocolate covered caramelised hazelnuts.  I’m also addicted to Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations and Cadbury's Special Edition Mint Flake.  I LOVE CHOCOLATE.

But when it comes to Iced Chocolate and Hot Chocolate, I am very particular and will not risk this type of chocolate experience with a less than stellar product.  If I have a craving for an iced chocolate or a hot chocolate, I will wait until I am at one of my favourite haunts to satisfy the craving rather than ordering at any old café.

My favourite at Koko Black is the Iced Chocolate and the Iced Coffee.  Normally, it is the Iced Chocolate for me, unless I’m trying to satisfy a coffee and dessert craving.

Today, it is the Iced Chocolate at Bourke St Koko Black. 

Set deep in the Royal Arcade, ground floor Koko Black offers a lovely respite from the crowds and glaring sunshine and a perfect vantage point for people watching.  With a skylight roofline, there is enough light to stay connected with the glorious weather that Melbourne had on offer today.

Even with a steady (but not busy) stream of customers, the staff remain attentive and pleasant, maintaining the elegant feel of the shop/café.

The Iced Chocolate is deeply chocolatey – a splashing of chocolate syrup down the sides of the glass, creamy chocolate drink kept cold with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream and vanilla-bean ice-cream, and a generous sprinkling chocolate flakes.


Hmmm... if I can draw myself away from the Iced Chocolate or Iced Coffee, I might give this a go next time.


  1. I know what you mean! Hot and iced chocolates can disappoint very easily and very frequently if taken at any old cafe (too milky? Is there even any chocolate?!?!) And why do you have to choose between an iced chocolate and the salted caramel delice? Heheheh Yum Koko Black!

  2. Haha - I think I can substitute one of my three meals of the day with the iced chocolate, it's so much!


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