Sunday, March 23, 2014

A week in review :- guilty pleasures; around the home and a dedication

Little snippets...

- a rare photo of me with my girls
- a stylish Baby Mac
- loving My Little Pony this week
- Little Miss M's recipe - Butterfly Cakes
- a favoured arcade housing a favoured chocolate cafe
- going for a solo drive with the volume up HIGH

A dedication to my Dear Husband - my favourite and my best! 
(plus an extra favoured photo)

- He's got it all covered - hula hoop for the girls, doing the dishes for me and listening to his podcast for himself
- No space is too small to offer a little comfort to a sleeping bub
- Ms A - Big smiles with Daddy
- Ms A - even bigger smiles with Opa
Have a happy week, peeps!

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