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Proportionally proportioned

Part of the capsule experiment is that I need to be held accountable to developing a style that I am happy with.  It’s very easy to throw on a top and bottom, but, in putting it all together I want to look “together”. 

But what does that mean?  Actually, I don’t know.  Very a-typical of me, but I don’t have a real definition of where I’m heading as I travel this road of “sh-tyle”.

I suppose I want to be able to take a month of outfits and photograph them again and be in love with all that I see.  

I’m also loving the compliments.  And they’re compliments about how “fresh” I look and how “happy” and how I “lend a professional feel” to a meeting.  I love these compliments as they are seeing how I feel; how I feel about myself.  

I’m definitely on the right road.

So now, I’m reviewing the outfits that worked and those that didn’t quite hit the mark.

For me, the most obvious thing to get right (or wrong) is proportions.

Have you heard about the golden ratio?  Where the ideal body proportion is one where the body is 8 head lengths long.  

Here are a few links that explain it way better than I.

The eight sections consist of :-
forehead to chin
chin to bust
bust to waist (of which I am short)
waist to leg break (of which I am long)
leg break to mid thigh (of which I am short)
mid thigh to knee
knee to mid lower leg
mid lower leg to foot

So here’s my analysis of my body proportions…

In the first picture, I used three tricks, from what I can see – a belt to draw the eye to the waist; hide the leg break via a dress skirt and wear heels.  Altogether this gives a slightly leggier look than the jeans and tee.

In my life, I cannot always dress to these rules.  I need my basic jeans and tee.  So I’m still working on how to make this outfit look more aesthetically balanced.

The next type of proportion is using the Fibonacci series on clothing ratios to determine what is the most pleasing to the eye.

Here I’m referring to the 1:2 ratio of the Fibonacci series.  In all three outfits, the belt plays a major role.  In the first and third picture, you can see that it’s a 1:1 ratio.  I think this ratio makes me look a bit more boxy, maybe even stumpy.   Whereas in the middle photo, the belt helps to emphasize a 1:2 ratio.  The middle outfit is one of my current favourite outfits.

What do you think?  Am I on the right track?  


  1. Thanks for this post! Now I understand why I look boxy too with the t-shirt skirt combo. But I don't know if I always like wearing belts. Looking forward to see other ways you fake proportions.


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