Sunday, May 15, 2011

Try not to shriek...

when the balloon pops!

But first, something that is on my mind... Little Miss M was a wee bit sick this weekend and was unable to attend a birthday party.  A pretty cool one at a local miniature railway park.  As we were unable to attend, I drove by the birthday boy's house, Master B, to drop off our present, something for afternoon tea and apologise for our last minute non-attendance.  In return for my visit, I scored a party bag for Little Miss M.  And how she loved her party bag!!!  Little Miss M's eyes twinkled with every little treat that was carefully pulled out of the party bag - a set of pencils, a couple of Freddo Frogs, a couple of football shaped chocolates, a cupcake and a few more little bits.  And then my sweet, sweet, sweet Little Miss M wanted to give Master B a call to sing him a Happy Birthday and to say thank-you for the party bag.  I was/am so proud of my little girl for her thoughtfulness.

But for some reason, Little Miss M's pure enjoyment in this party bag made me feel like the stingiest mom around who has been depriving her little girl from - something (I don't know what).  I have to mull over this...

Now back to the original topic... my Mother's Day present was BALLOONS!  And look what I have been practicing ever since.  This was supposed to be something that I could add to my mom-repertoire, but I can see this developing into something that is for me that has a side benefit of pleasing my little ones particularly at birthday parties.  Every time I churned out a successful balloon model, I was tickled-pink.  No other way to describe the feeling except tickled-pink.

I've tried a few other models since and practiced these ones again, but here are my initial attempts.

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  1. Is the new job that you mentioned in the previous post being a clown? heheh