Monday, May 30, 2011

Everything's coming up Roses... and weeds

It would be nice if everything turned out perfectly - edible food on the first go of a recipe; finding the next crafty project where I have everything I need; fulfilling everything on my ToDo list.  But alas, life is not really like that in this household...

Here is my list of NQR happenings in the past few weeks :-
- burnt mini cheesecakes that will not come out of the moulds
- lemon bars that are a bit too lemony
- finding 3 knitting projects to start but finding that I don't have the "right" tools (I should learn how to make do, shouldn't I?)
- delayed start to my sewing projects because it's been sooooo long since I've sewn that I've forgotten how much prep work is required.  It would seem that I've forgotten how to sew as well as I now sew with the manual sitting next to me.
- never being able to tick off both "Take A Nap" AND "Cook Dinner" in my ToDo list for the day, even though I am no longer working full-time (yep - I wonder the same thing at the end of the day!) 

But there has been some rosy moments...

Cake Pops!!! (More on this later)

Seeing the family settle in the new apartment and establishing their own "space" (this one is for after-dinner chats - sorry about the blurry photos and the washing that still needs to be put away)...

What are your roses and weeds today?

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