Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stella's got her groove back

Ok - I'm not really calling myself Stella; it's just a movie reference...

Anyways, after a hectic few months - a new role at work, working ridiculous hours, moving apartments, trying to fix up our old apartment, being diagnosed with gestational diabetes - I'm finally settling down.

And what better way of settling down than... BAKING!!!  I've finally started baking again and I'm sooo happy.  Even though my diabetes diet limits what and how much I can eat, I can still eat.  And so, my latest baking attempts have been around dough and bread.  Home-made pizza (but have no fear, I still love going out for a pizza or having it delivered); bread and buns and cinnamon rolls.  

I started with some dinner rolls.  The recipe was a bit too sweet for my taste, but the texture was perfect.  Fluffy, light and fluffy (did I say that already?).  The key to this recipe is to make sure that your yeast is properly activated and becomes foamy before continuing on.  Given that this jug started at 2/3 cup water sprinkled with yeast - I would say that my yeast had properly activated, wouldn't you?

And the resulting dinner rolls - perfect for being heavily buttered and used for dipping into a hearty Tomato and Lentil soup on a cold winter's day (even though it's still technically Autumn).

Next the cinnamon rolls.

I have to admit - I'm pretty proud of these cinnamon rolls.  They are yummmmmmy - the texture is perfect and fluffy and the sweetness is not sickeningly sweet.  I did skip the icing glaze and upped the cinnamon buttery filling.  And I couldn't wait for them to cool down to put the glaze on before hoeing into them.

Anyone for some tea and freshly baked cinnamon rolls?

I'm looking forward to a winter-filled baking spree.  Baking is dual-purpose as it warms up our apartment as well.  How will you be spending your winter?

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