Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday's Treat : Le Croissant Patisserie Francaise

Set in the middle of business buildings, this little unassuming shop is a gem of a find.

One drizzly day, I jumped out of my car and ran into the shop and was assailed by a scrumptious sweet buttery smell.  It was feast for my nose before my eyes could adjust and pop out of its socket at the beautiful sight before me.  Two counters filled with gastronomical delights.

After some serious deliberation, I chose the coffee meringue, the raspberry cheesecake and crème patisserie filled puff pastry.  (Two for me, one for my three kids to share!  Gluttonous and greedy?  Oh yeah!)

The coffee meringue was a delicate balance of sugary goodness in the meringue and buttery delight in the coffee buttercream.  A lovely crunch amongst a velvety smoothness.

The raspberry cheesecake was a delight.  Dense, not too sweet with a bite of tartness.

And the crème patisserie filled with puff pastry – what a sensation.  A light, crispy, flaky, buttery puff pastry with an explosion of crème patisserie to follow.  A loved one by both kids and adults.  I’m sorry Michele’s – there is no comparison.

This was definitely a luxury - to the lips, hips and wallet.  But for those who appreciate a gastronomical delight, it is a must.

PS.  There were some savoury bites available as well, but that will have to wait until next time (if I can get past the glorious sweet treats).

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